VA - Songs Of The Dead II: Idle Hands (2000)

Автор: Дрю от 18 августа 2009, посмотрело: 1174

Категория: hardcore, grindcore, emocore, screamo & emoviolence, noise & noisecore, sludge & metal, v.a.

VA - Songs Of The Dead II: Idle Hands (2000)Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Songs Of The Dead II: Idle Hands
Год выхода: 2000
Жанр: Screamo / Emoviolence / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Grindcore / Death Metal / Noise Rock / Experimental
Время: 1:06:33
Качество: 192kbit
Размер: 89,7
1 Forcefedglass-Fifteen Minutes To Fairvale
2 The Sutek Conspiracy-Real People
3 Devola-Song About People Who Should Disappear
4 Spirit Of Versailles-Teh Exorcism Of Moon River
5 Usurp Synapse-Brundle Fly
6 I, Robot-Etcetera
7 Curb-E.G.S.H.N.A.T.S.
8 Illithed-Big Top Evil
9 Last Remaining Pinnacle-Untitled
10 The Ultimate Warriors-Untitled
11 To Dream Of Autumn-Tribute
12 Suicide Note-Horror Theme Song
13 Rep Seki-That's What I Call Jujitsu
14 Leval Blessing-Refiners Fire
15 Curb-37th Triangle
16 The Pervatrons-Untitled
17 I, Robot-Now I Owe You A Favor
18 Locust-Keep Off The Tracks
19 Facade Burned Black-Forty One
20 The Keyboard Masters-This Is My Left Foot
21 Devola-Urethra Infection
22 Dead Letter Auction-Housebroken
23 Lick Golden Sky-Snuffilmfuckstar
24 Rune-The End In The Begining
25 Devola- Six Count
26 Stellina-The 20th Winter
27 Racebannon-The Rocketship Exploded
28 John Wiese-Batman Dracula
29 Sloth-How To Get Away With Murder In A P.C. Society

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