Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn (Limited Edition) (2009)

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Категория: sludge & metal

Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn (Limited Edition) (2009)Исполнитель: Sacrifice
Альбом: The Ones I Condemn (Limited Edition)
Год: 2009
Страна: Canada (Scarborough, Ontario)
Стиль: Thrash Metal
Битрейт: 273 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 01:00:04
Издатель: Marquee Records
Размер: 117.63 МБ
01. We Will Prevail (02:15)
02. The Ones I Condemn (03:21)
03. Give Me Justice (03:27)
04. The Great Wall (04:40)
05. Tetragrammaton (05:04)
06. Atrocity (03:55)
07. Hiroshima (04:19)
08. The Devil's Martyr (featuring Jed Simon (ZIMMERS HOLE, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and Dave Hewson (SLAUGHTER, STRAPPADO) (02:36)
09. Ultimate Power Corrupts (03:20)
10. Desolation Alive (07:22)

Bonus Tracks:
11. The Devil's Martyr (Rob Vocals) (02:37)
12. Burned at the Stake (2009 Version) (04:28)
13. The Entity (2009 Version) (05:31)
14. Forever Enslaved (Live 2007) (03:36)
15. Necronomicon (Live 2007) (03:26)


First album with the original members since 1991. Recorded at Rouge Valley Studio in Toronto, Canada with engineer Darius Szczepaniak, mastered in Brazil by Sidney Sohn and artwork by Michael Rosner. Sacrifice returns with one of the best Thrash Metal albums in history, showing all elements that made them an influential band in the Metal scene.

SACRIFICE was one of the best Canadian thrash metal bands in the 1980s. While the USA had its big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer), Canada also had its own big 5 – VOIVOD, RAZOR, ANNIHILATOR,EXCITER and Toronto’s SACRIFICE. Born in Scarborough in 1983, the band released three albums during the 80s on Diabolic Force / Fringe (Torment In Fire, Forward To Termination and Soldiers Of Misfortune) that are all considered to be absolute thrash metal classics. The band even had a pretty big video hit on Much Music (back when they played videos, of course) with “Reanimation” and was a big live draw across Canada.


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