The Lillingtons - Stella Sapiente (2017)

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Категория: punk

The Lillingtons - Stella Sapiente (2017)Исполнитель: The Lillingtons
Альбом: Stella Sapiente
Год: 2017
Страна: USA (Newcastle, Wyoming)
Стиль: Punk Rock/Gothic Rock
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:35:56
Издатель: Fat Wreck Chords
Размер: 82.58 МБ
01. Golden Dawn / Knights Templar (03:20)
02. Insect Nightmares (02:07)
03. Night Visions (04:04)
04. K6 (02:27)
05. Zodiac (02:37)
06. Pursuit of Pleasure (03:44)
07. London Fog (02:20)
08. Cult of Dagon (03:13)
09. Villagers (02:40)
10. The Walker (02:39)
11. They Live (02:07)
12. Drawing Down the Stars (04:33)


It’s been over a decade since The Lillingtons released a full-length album—and an anomaly of a record at that. Having signed to Fat Wreck Chords, The Lillingtons toiled away on their new record in secret, crafting an album that is both a continuation of the band’s legacy and a dramatic reinvention. It’s called Stella Sapiente, a title that vocalist-guitarist Kody Templeman says roughly translates to “wisdom of the stars,” and that phrase proves apt given his claim that it’s “centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.”

When interviewed about this album back in August, the band stated that they had written it with the hope that it would change all preconceived notions about their music. They certainly seem to have done so, as Stella Sapiente is rather different to their previous work, although fans should still enjoy it. They’re still making great punk music, but this time around it has a darker sound to it, and we absolutely love it.
Jane Howkins



The Lillingtons - Stella Sapiente (2017)

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