Teenage Bottlerocket - Stealing the Covers (2017)

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Teenage Bottlerocket - Stealing the Covers (2017)Исполнитель: Teenage Bottlerocket
Альбом: Stealing the Covers
Год: 2017
Страна: USA (Laramie, Wyoming (WY)
Стиль: Pop Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lavf
Длительность: 00:26:26
Издатель: Fat Wreck Chords
Размер: 63.12 МБ
01. The Way I Know (01:51)
02. Back and Forth (03:01)
03. College Town (02:16)
04. Don't Go (02:30)
05. Robocop Is a Halfbreed Sellout (02:33)
06. No Hugging No Learning (01:09)
07. Shit Fuck God Damn (00:35)
08. Gay Parade (02:03)
09. It Came from the Radio (02:00)
10. Alien Motion Technology (01:42)
11. Hat Nerd (01:59)
12. My Very Best (01:52)
13. I Kill Butterflies (01:18)
14. Why the Big Pause (01:30)


Instead of going the traditional route of covering well-known hits, TBR take the opposite approach on Stealing the Covers by putting their unique twist on songs from obscure and unsigned bands that have caught their fancy over the years

Track By Track:

1. The Way I Know – We took Varsity Weirdos out on tour in 2008. Amazing band, great dudes. I still have a VW shirt floating around in my closet somewhere. One of my favorite bands from Canada!

2. Back and Forth – Hollywood Blondes were a band from Ohio. We crossed paths on some of our earlier tours out that direction. Those were good years for pop-punk. It seemed like every town had a band, some better than others of course, but in general just a lot of fun.

3. College Town – Ray and Brandon showed me the Can of Pork compilation and this song. Without them I never would have heard of Juke. I’m really happy we did this song, because it reminds me of fun nights with our beloved Brandon.

4. Don’t Go – This song was stuck in our heads for two years straight. We would sing it to our dogs. The Scutches have since picked up our super close friend Tyler on bass, which kind of makes them a Wyoming band. Sort of. Good dudes.

5. Robocop is a Halfbreed Sellout – We had to include a Wyoming band. These guys went to college in Laramie, and had like 10 bands in 4 years. Most of the guys have moved away, except their drummer Ferg. He comes over for dinner a couple times a month with his wife and son.

6. No Hugging No Learning – HEAD was like a super cool secret. If you met somebody who knew HEAD you were probably gonna be good friends. Everything about the band was super mysterious, and awesome as fuck.

7. Shit Fuck God Damn – I know very little about Artimus Maximus outside of this super short song. I hear it’s based on a true story.

8. Gay Parade – The Gullibles were some high school kids from Georgia. I think they graduated, broke up and never looked back. One dude does YouTube videos of heavy metal versions of punk songs.

9. It Came From the Radio – The Blendours from Iowa are a super catchy band. They did a video for this song that’s super cool. Everyone go check it out!

10. Alien Motion Technology – One of our favorite bands from Europe, The Mugwumps! We were set to play with them once in Austria and their drummer got sick. Brandon ended up learning a set of their songs like half an hour before the show and shredding it.

11. Hat Nerd – Oh man, this song. The Four Eyes blessed (or cursed) the world with this silly song. It gets stuck in our heads for months at a time. Think of this every time you see someone wearing a hat.

12. My Very Best – Another one of our favorite bands from Europe. The 20 Belows are fronted by our good friend and occasional merch guy Ulrich. We love them to pieces.

13. I Kill Butterflies – It sounds like such a happy song, until you listen to the lyrics. At that point “what in the actual fuck” is a pretty common reaction.

14. Why the Big Pause – Chris from The Punchlines is a really dear friend of ours. He used to deliver sandwiches on a bike, and he would carry a machete in case anyone tried to steal the food. Might be the funniest guy we know.



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