Guttermouth - The Whole Enchilada (Double Album) (2017)

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Guttermouth - The Whole Enchilada (Double Album) (2017)Исполнитель: Guttermouth
Альбом: The Whole Enchilada (Double Album) (WEB-DL)
Год: 2017
Страна: USA (Huntington Beach, California)
Стиль: Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 01:00:05
Издатель: Bird Attack Records / Rude Records
Размер: 143.97 МБ
Live Album 1 (Rojo)
01. Intro (Live) (00:47)
02. What's the Big Deal? (Live) (01:53)
03. I'm Destroying the World (Live) (01:55)
04. Party of Two (Your Table Is Ready) (Live) (03:32)
05. New Car Smell (Live) (01:58)
06. The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard (Live) (01:56)
07. Medley (Live) (03:58)
08. Bakers Dozen (Live) (03:09)
09. Trinket Trading, Tick Tooting, Toothless, Tired, Tramps... Or the 7ts (Live) (02:20)
10. Hit Machine (Live) (02:43)
11. I've Got It Made (Live) (02:40)
12. World up My Ass (written by Circle Jerks) (Live) (02:14)
13. Perfect World (perfomed by Uke Hiro) (02:47)

Bonus Tracks:
14. A Boy and His Love Gun (01:56)
15. Saturday Truck Fever (02:15)

Album 2 (Verde)*
16. Spud Like Torso (01:46)
17. Soundtrack to the End of the World (02:07)
18. New Car Smell (02:00)
19. Perma Walkabout (01:55)
20. Mail Order Bride (01:57)
21. The Human Mulligan (01:56)
22. The Point (01:35)
23. Freckles the Pony (02:08)
24. I've Got It Made (02:18)
25. A Punk Rock Tale of Woe (02:02)
26. Shitty Situation (01:32)
27. Old Man (02:34)

Tracks 16-21 - New Car Smell EP (2016) [Remastered]
Tracks 22-27 - Got It Made EP (2016) [Remastered]


2016 saw the release of a couple of EPs, ''New Car Smell'' & ''Got It Made,''after a ten year radio silence; today Guttermouth are ready to present ''The Whole Enchilada.'' which will see release on June, 23 via Rude Records. Consisting of a live album with previously unreleased bonus tracks and their most impressive hits to date plus a remastered version of both the latest EPs, ''The Whole Enchilada'' is the perfect blend of what the California based punk rock band is all about. An un-missable collection for die-hard fans, a great way to discover one of the seminal bands in the US skate-punk scene, surely a must-have for all the lovers of speedy riffs, stuck-in-the-head choruses and outrageous, humorous and sarcastic lyrics. Guttermouth is a punk rock band with nearly thirty years of tours, nine full-length studio albums, six EPs and two live albums, are ready to get back on the road and keep shocking their worldwide audience.



Guttermouth - The Whole Enchilada (Double Album) (2017)

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