Deez Nuts - Binge & Purgatory (2017)

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Категория: hardcore / hip-hop & rap

Deez Nuts - Binge & Purgatory (2017)Исполнитель: Deez Nuts
Альбом: Binge & Purgatory
Год: 2017
Страна: Australia (Melbourne)
Стиль: Hardcore/Rapcore
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 00:32:05
Издатель: Century Media
Размер: 75.13 МБ
01. Binge (00:51)
02. Purgatory (02:21)
03. Antidote (feat. Scott Vogel of Terror) (02:39)
04. Commas & Zeros (03:23)
05. Break Out (02:37)
06. Discord (02:56)
07. Lessons Learned (feat. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed) (02:27)
08. Carried by Six (00:31)
09. Cakewalk (02:50)
10. For What It's Worth (03:17)
11. Hedonistic Wasteland (01:59)
12. Remedy (02:51)
13. Do Not as I Do (03:17)


Written in and inspired by New York City - all of it! – the fifth studio album by DEEZ NUTS “Binge & Purgatory”, retains but expands upon the band’s hardcore roots. To remain musically conservative wasn’t an option for JJ Peters and team. With four albums in the can, they knew exactly what they wanted to put into and get out of “Binge & Purgatory”. “Word Is Bond was manic and intense and aggressive,” JJ Peters asserts. “It was exactly what we needed to make at the time. “Binge & Purgatory” is heavier and more melodic, but also more concise and deliberate. We need to be lifted to be inspired and surrounded by friends. We work best in a party environment. I think it translates to the songs. “Binge & Purgatory” is the most well-written body of work we have to date.” The album is 32 minutes of burly barre chords, wild tempos, wicked shout outs, and short-tempered fits of rage. Moored by opener “Purgatory”, mid-album bruiser “Carried by Six”, and pit-punisher “Do Not As I Do”, the album feels and acts like hardcore albums of old. But the take is modern. “At one time, I would’ve said it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited,” laughs JJ Peters. “With the last album I would’ve said it’s like a comedown in your ears and everyone’s invited. “Binge & Purgatory”, I’d say, is like a relatable but personal reflection of all of the above and only you’re invited. If you want to get a vibe for the general sound, think: Refused meets Madball meets Pantera meets No Warning.” Featuring guests like Scott Vogel and Jamey Jasta and being recorded with producer Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid), this is the kind of album circle pits are made for.

The unique artwork was created by a group of creative individuals with Pat Fox taking care of the design and layout, James Hartley supplying the photos and Tyrrell Winston actualising the compositions.

"Binge & Purgatory" is the follow up to their highly successful album "Word Is Bond" which landed on #34 in the German album charts and on #20 in their native Australia.

Make sure to catch them live on the upcoming "You Are Part Of This Tour 2017" with Comeback Kid, First Blood, Hellions, Risk It, Get The Shot and Reality Slap before they will head to Russia, Lativa and Estonia. In the summer DEEZ NUTS are already confirmed for a number of summer festivals.



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