1476 - Our Season Draws Near (2017)

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Категория: punk, Post-Rock & Post-Metal

1476 - Our Season Draws Near (2017)Исполнитель: 1476 (+1476+)
Альбом: Our Season Draws Near (WEB-DL)
Год: 2017
Страна: USA (Salem, Massachusetts)
Стиль: Neofolk/Post-Metal
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 00:56:36
Издатель: Prophecy Productions (Germany)
Размер: 131 МБ
01. Our Silver Age (04:47)
02. Ettins (05:43)
03. Winter of Winds (05:22)
04. Solitude (Exterior) (06:03)
05. Odessa (04:29)
06. Sorgen (Sunwheels) (05:39)
07. Solitude (Interior) (04:38)
08. By Torchlight (05:38)
09. Winter of Wolves (05:13)
10. Our Ice Age (08:59)


New England's 1476 creates isolationist sound stories: musically and attitudinally coming from a punk/DIY background, they arguably absorbed all genres of guitar-heavy and atmospheric music there ever was since--including sub-genres of metal, neofolk, and ambient. Their DIY development has freed it from any and all genre restrictions, allowing the duo to boundlessly delve into conceptual worlds. From their viewpoint, they did not stick to an anarchic attitude, but delved into esotericism, occultism, Nordic mythology, and runology. What does this lead to? Some unparalleled boundless music--energetic, emotional, and always atmospheric with strong conceptual themes outside of the ordinary, often capturing the energy and mood of the old, haunting landscapes of New England's coastal regions.

On their third album, the winter-themed "Our Season Draws Near", 1476 strips away the dense layers and production from past albums and delivers its most raw, intimate and urgent record to date. Far more guitar and drum-driven than anything the band has created before, "Our Season Draws Near" showcases 1476 at both maximum aggressiveness and its most delicate, using minimalism, space and the power of dynamics to create massive, heavy sound.

Described as 'a small candle flame of life lost in the middle of a winter void,' the album delves into experiences with isolation and alienation and the idea that beneath the frozen surface is an internal fire and desire to defeat these obstacles. Produced by the band and mixed by Markus Siegenhort of post-black metal spearheads Lantlôs, "Our Season Draws Near" captures 1476 at its heaviest and most personal apex.



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Теги: Neofolk, Post-Metal
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