The Real McKenzies - Two Devils Will Talk (2017)

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Категория: punk

The Real McKenzies - Two Devils Will Talk (2017)Исполнитель: The Real McKenzies
Альбом: Two Devils Will Talk
Год: 2017
Страна: Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Стиль: Celtic Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 00:36:22
Издатель: Fat Wreck Chords, Stomp Records
Размер: 86.1 МБ
01. Due West (02:38)
02. Weyburn (02:13)
03. One Day (02:43)
04. Seafarers (02:56)
05. Northwest Passage (03:59)
06. Float (02:22)
07. One Man Voyage (02:21)
08. Sail Again (02:27)
09. The Town (02:31)
10. Pedals (02:30)
11. Drunkards Lament (02:28)
12. Fuck the Real Mckenzies (01:46)
13. The Comeback (02:26)
14. Scots Wha Ha'e (02:56)


Two Devils Will Talk is packed with fourteen rousing songs that incorporate classic punk, hard folk, acoustic and electric instruments, all weaving in the Celtic influence for which the band is known.

To celebrate their landmark twenty-fifth anniversary, The Real McKenzies return with their 10th and very best long-player to date. And that’s not hyperbole. This is an absolutely monumental giant of an album. "Two Devils Will Talk" is fourteen tracks of pure, unbridled audio bliss. The songs are rebellious, poignant and achingly heartfelt with an extra helpings of Scottish charm and wit to boot. The recurring and very timely themes of Two Devils Will Talk are hope, perseverance and living your life to it’s fullest. Opening track “Due West” is an anthemic epic about moving forward and never looking back, while “Seafarers” is a rollicking tale that deals with accepting the fact that you can’t change how the waves roll, only how you roll through them. There’s even a glorious cover of Stan Rogers’ “Northwest Passage” and a spectacular reworking of “Scots Wha Ha'e” (one of the first ever Real McKenzies recordings). “Two Devils Will Talk” sees a resilient, triumphant and defiantly hopeful band at the very top of their game.



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