T.S.O.L. - The Trigger Complex (2017)

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Категория: punk

T.S.O.L. - The Trigger Complex (2017)Исполнитель: T.S.O.L. (TSOL)
Альбом: The Trigger Complex
Год: 2017
Страна: USA (Huntington Beach, California)
Стиль: Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 00:41:20
Издатель: Rise Records
Размер: 95.78 МБ
01. Give Me More (02:16)
02. Sometimes (02:26)
03. Strange World (03:37)
04. Satellites (03:08)
05. The Right Side (03:23)
06. Why Can't We Do It Again (04:39)
07. I Wanted To See You (04:41)
08. Wild Life (02:37)
09. Nothing Ever Lasts (02:15)
10. Going Steady (02:54)
11. You're Still The Same (02:27)
12. Don't You Want Me (04:02)
13. Bats (02:49)


Formed in 1978, TSOL has carved its legacy into the punk and hardcore scene. When powerhouse RISE RECORDS announced the band’s new record (their 11th studio album!), “Trigger Complex,” fans rejoiced for the first new music from the band in 8 years. “Trigger Complex” is released at a perfect point as the band’s politically charged music comes at a time of political turbulence.

You can count the number of bands who've stayed together for almost 40 years on two hands, and you can use just one hand to count those who've consistently released quality material for the duration of those almost four decades. T.S.O.L. enter that esteemed category, and in keeping with their D.I.Y. roots, they've done it without a major label, corporate radio, or MTV. T.S.O.L. are nothing short of a legacy, and with their new release, "The Trigger Complex" they're showing just why they've become one of the most respected and appreciated punk bands of all time. "The Trigger Complex" is easily the band's strongest, most anthemic material to date. T.S.O.L. will be on tour all year to support the release, as well as headlining major festivals around the world. With over thirty-nine years behind these California legends, there's a lot more still to come.



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