The Patriots - The Guilty Walk Free -- The Land Of The Free (2009)

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Категория: punk / hardcore

The Patriots - The Guilty Walk Free -- The Land Of The Free (2009)Исполнитель: The Patriots
Альбом: The Guilty Walk Free - The Land Of The Free
Год: 2009
Страна: USA (Los Angeles, California)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 309 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:29:31
Размер: 67.02 МБ
Demo (1982):
01. The Land Of The Free (02:24)
02. Suburban Brain Death (01:25)
03. The Guilty Walk Free (02:54)
04. Nobody No More (01:16)
05. Bang Bang Bang (01:48)
06. Can't Wait (01:19)
07. Cavity (00:55)
08. Over There (01:11)
09. Strangling Me (02:24)
10. Gimmie Fun (01:27)

Land Of The Free (7inch) (1983):
11. Land Of The Free (02:15)
12. Nobody No More (01:15)
13. Strangling Me (02:17)
14. Can't Wait (01:15)
15. The Guilty Walk Free (02:45)
16. Bang Bang Bang (01:43)

From "We Got Power" (LP Compilation) (1983), Mystic Records:
17. Cavity (00:50)


Recorded in 1982-1983 , this is the same band that released "the land of the free" 7" in 1983 that has been bootlegged on killed by hardcore series. This release contains that 7" + a 10 song demo & another song from a comp. this is there complete discography, 17 tracks in total. Vinyl contains a booklet and insert with write ups from the singer and drummer with the band history that sheds some light on this long lost band.The Patriots We're From West L.A., Played In Hollywood, & went To School With Wasted Youth Uni High School, The Patriots Played With All The Major Hardcore Band Of the Time ,Recorded one 7" in 1983 , Eventualy Breaking Up in 1984 When Guitarest Left The Band To Play In The Punk Movie Suburbia . Hope This Releace Will Shed Some Light On This Long Lost Band, Vinyl Containg Wright Up Of The Band History By The Drumer & Singer.


The Patriots - The Guilty Walk Free -- The Land Of The Free (2009)The Patriots - The Guilty Walk Free -- The Land Of The Free (2009)

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