Enforcer - Live By Fire (2015)

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Категория: sludge & metal

Enforcer - Live By Fire (2015)Исполнитель: Enforcer
Альбом: Live By Fire (WEB-DL)
Год: 2015
Страна: Sweden (Stockholm)
Стиль: Heavy Metal/Speed Metal
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 01:18:13
Издатель: Nuclear Blast Records
Размер: 179.1 МБ
01. Bells of Hades (Live) (00:49)
02. Death Rides This Night (Live) (03:35)
03. Mistress from Hell (Live) (04:17)
04. Mesmerized by Fire (Live) (04:28)
05. Katana (Live) (06:22)
06. Crystal Suite (Live) (04:09)
07. Scream of the Savage (Live) (04:41)
08. Midnight Vice (Live) (04:05)
09. Take Me out of This Nightmare (Live) (04:40)
10. Take Me to Hell (Live) (03:36)
11. Silent Hour / The Conjugation (Live) (06:52)
12. Satan (Live) (04:43)
13. Black Angel (Live) (03:57)
14. Roll the Dice (Live) (03:29)
15. Evil Attacker (Live) (05:16)

BONUS TRACKS (SPEAK THE TONGUE OF HEATHEN GODS EP - three brand new recorded songs):
16. Speak the Tongue of Heathen Gods (05:45)
17. Stellar Plains (04:02)
18. Tyrants of Our Generation (Frigid Bich cover) (03:17)


В MAILORDER EDITION - http://www.nuclearblast.de/de/produkte/tontraeger/cd/cd-boxset/enforcer-live-by-fire-mailorder-edition.html:
C 1-14 те же треки
15. Into The Night (Live) (Exclusive Track)
16. Evil Attacker (Live)

Founded 2004 in the secluded town of Arvika, Sweden, ENFORCER have established themselves as the leaders of the new generation of metal bands: devoted to the roots of real metal in any conceivable way, weather its spirit, sound or authenticity.

After unleashing their debut »Into The Night« (2008), a sophomore attempt »Diamonds« (2009) and their relentless and energy-driven touring onslaughts, ENFORCER found their destined path with the 2013 album »Death By Fire« and their latest, fourth longplayer »From Beyond«. British IRON FIST magazine called »From Beyond« “one of the best Heavy Metal / NWOTHM albums of 2015”. The album also won the soundcheck of German DEAF FOREVER magazine, which certified the album to be “a heavy metal jewel close to perfection”.
One is for sure: ENFORCER is an unstoppable force, honored by fans for their faithful attitude towards true metal.

Besides their studio qualities, ENFORCER are a band who bring their hefty tracks to the stage with immense power and a killer live performance. So it was about time to release some of their high-energy shows for both viewing and listening pleasure. This will be rectified with the release of their very first live DVD/CD package, called »Live By Fire«. It is set to be released on November 20th via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist/vocalist Olof Wikstrand comments on the new output:
"I'm extremely satisfied with putting out an official concert video and audio that really captures the band in a way we like instead of seeing tons of crap videos online. Here's the real deal and I hope you enjoy it! Plus that we also took the opportunity to record a three new songs that will be released in a really exclusive way together with this stuff. Watch out!"



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