VA - Aussie Fat Wreck Chords Tribute (2015)

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Категория: punk

VA - Aussie Fat Wreck Chords Tribute (2015)Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Aussie Fat Wreck Chords Tribute
Год: 2015
Страна: Australia
Стиль: Skate Punk, Melodic Hardcore
Битрейт: 267 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:46:37
Издатель: Dead Memory Records (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Размер: 90.01 МБ
1. Blindspot - Leaving Jesusland (Nofx) 02:53
2. Alex the Kid - Drop the Pop (None More Black) 03:22
3. Mayweather - My Life Inside Your Heart (Rise Against) 03:03
4. Friends With The Enemy - Blueprint of the Fall (Strung Out) 03:10
5. Public Liability - Feeding the Fire (No Use for a Name) 02:28
6. Leigh Hair - E Dagger (Lagwagon) 03:13
7. 51percent - Disconnected (Face to Face) 03:22
8. Postscript - Too Close to See (Strung Out) 02:53
9. The Playbook - Black Masks and Gasoline (Rise Against) 03:03
10. Abolicion - Nailing Descartes to the Wall (Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder (Propagandhi) 01:14
11. Blind Man Death Stare - Coming to Close (No Use For a Name) 03:14
12. Josh Arentz (Ft: Yvette Vials) - Eulogy (The Flatliners) 03:55
13. Nerdlinger - Whoops I OD'd (Nofx) 02:49
14. Hope Street - Heaven Knows (Rise Against) 03:54
15. No One's Home - Anti Manifesto (Propagandhi) 03:58

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Fat Wreck Chords has now been active for 25 years, we grew up listening to this label and it helped grow us as people. Here is our tribute to the bands! Thanks Erin & Mike!

Thank you to all the bands who jumped on board.

This is a free download, no profits are intended to be made from the creation of this compilation

VA - Aussie Fat Wreck Chords Tribute (2015)
Dead Memory Records
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Based Punk/Hardcore/Metal Record Label

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