The Crunch - Brand New Brand (2015)

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The Crunch - Brand New Brand (2015)Исполнитель: The Crunch
Альбом: Brand New Brand
Год: 2015
Страна: UK (London) & Sweden (Stockholm)
Стиль: Power Pop
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98
Длительность: 00:34:28
Издатель: -
Размер: 83.73 МБ
01. Lonely Beat Of The Heart (02:50)
02. Limited Edition (02:26)
03. Neon Madonna (03:11)
04. Banner Of Faith (03:21)
05. Brand New Brand (03:00)
06. 25 Hours A Day (03:22)
07. Solid Rock Steady (02:52)
08. Seeing Is Believing (02:29)
09. Barricade Blues (02:59)
10. Return To From (02:15)
11. Save The Glow (03:05)
12. Go Back To Go (02:32)


Second album "Brand new brand" released on CD, Vinyl and digital 29 of April 2015.

THE CRUNCH are Sulo Karlsson (Diamond Dogs), Terry Chimes (Clash), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69), Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects) and Idde Schultz (Docenterna).

The Crunch - Punk and rock legends in a package.

You can call The Crunch a "super band" with all members having long careers in the Rock ’n’ roll business. The joy and love of music shines through and they are all very excited about the new band.

Sulo started writing some songs and after coming out of Berry Street Studios with the whole groups influence the result is modern, still traditional power rock and pop, showing lots of energy and great songs.



The Crunch - Brand New Brand (2015)

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