Nancy Vandal - Explosive Hits* (2014)

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Категория: punk

Nancy Vandal - Explosive Hits* (2014)Исполнитель: Nancy Vandal
Альбом: Explosive Hits*
Год: 2014
Страна: Australia (Sydney)
Стиль: Punk/Garage Rock, Male & Female Vocals
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR, Lame 3.99
Длительность: 00:38:22
Издатель: Erotic Volcano Records
Размер: 53.56 МБ
01. Ray Martin Has A Shed Full Of Giant Robotic Killer Wasps (01:01)
02. Rock & Roll Concert (02:02)
03. 1-2-3 Baby Yeah (02:28)
04. Flogging A Dead Phoenix (01:54)
05. She Left Me For A Gameshow Host Blues (01:51)
06. Frenzal Rhomb Were Better When Ben Was In The Band (02:05)
07. There's No "I" In Rock (02:17)
08. Satan Is Tops (Death Metal Song) (01:07)
09. Bikini High Pool Party Massacre 3 (01:22)
10. Egg Sandwich (00:59)
11. Prom Date With No Eyes (02:04)
12. Quite Partial To Rock (02:41)
13. Bone Slacks Max (01:39)
14. When I Squeeze My Nose I Sound Like W. Axl Rose (02:15)
15. We're Not Getting Any Nuder (02:34)
16. Demolition Derby Date (03:21)
17. A Nurofen From My Euro Friend (01:09)
18. Come On Honey Let's Smash The State Tonight (00:58)
19. Piss In My Weetbix (02:14)
20. Move Over Satan (02:12)


Twenty years of chart topping hits* from Australian punk rock cellar dwellers.

In 1993 Nancy Vandal exploded onto the Sydney punk rock scene with an arse load of enthusiasm, dubious fashion sense and general commitment to excellence. They released 6 iconic ALBUMS, produced a butt load of the cult favourite Vandal’s Voice fanzine, played at festivals such as Livid, Falls and Homebake and supported heavyweights such as NOFX, Millencolin, Frenzal Rhomb, The Meanies, TISM, The Screaming Jets and The Painters & Dockers. Triple J embraced the band making songs such as Rock And Roll Concert and Move Over Satan such household names band members can now not leave their domiciles without having eager fans attempt to rip out tufts of their hair to sell on ebay. To celebrate their colourful history, Nancy Vandal Explosive Hits* assembles 20 of their finest sonic moments for you to savour.


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