The Last Gang - Continuity Breakout (Red 27) EP (2005)

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Категория: punk

The Last Gang - Continuity Breakout (Red 27) EP (2005)Исполнитель: The Last Gang
Альбом: Continuity Breakout (Red 27) EP
Год: 2005
Страна: USA (Orange County, California)
Стиль: Punk Rock, Female Vocals
Битрейт: ВСЕ 160 kbps CBR, FhG, кроме № 5 - 192 kbps CBR, FhG
Длительность: 00:15:10
Размер: 17.8 МБ
01. 45 (02:58)
02. Continuity Breakout (04:24)
03. Dressed In Red (02:16)
04. The Original (02:20)
05. Leave Me My Freedom (03:11)

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The Last Gang's 2nd album recorded
in Costa Mesa, California in the "pre-
Music-Factory" studio with Danny
Thompson (drummer of Face To Face)
in 2005.

Featuring members of Civet and Fiction Reform, the Last Gang blend an alluring mix of abrasive punk, rock n roll, with a rocksteady groove and a shot of pop appeal. In "Continuity Breakout" the Last Gang offer up their first vinyl EP following a handful of self released CDs and demos and showcases their vicious breed of infectious punk n roll that has been moving dance floors and circle pits from coast to coast for the last 7 years. Recommended for fans of the Avengers, the Clash, and the Runaways.


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