Violent Arrest - Life Inside The Western Bloc (CD) (2015)

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Категория: punk / hardcore

Violent Arrest - Life Inside The Western Bloc (CD) (2015)Исполнитель: Violent Arrest
Альбом: Life Inside The Western Bloc (CD)
Год: 2015
Страна: UK
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 285 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98
Длительность: 00:32:00
Издатель: Boss Tuneage Records
Размер: 66.25 МБ
01. Life Inside The Western Bloc (West) (01:20)
02. Cold Front (West) (02:00)
03. The Game Is Rigged (West) (00:36)
04. Degradation Street (West) (01:42)
05. Mission: Creep (West) (03:10)
06. Wage War (East) (01:19)
07. Officious Little Man (East) (00:44)
08. Our Dearly Deported (East) (01:26)
09. Deposit No Return (East) (01:22)
10. Grind You Down (East) (02:32)
11. Reprise (East) (00:28)

12. Head On A Plate (01:49)
13. Watch Your Back (00:36)
14. Domino Theory (02:09)
15. Bulletproof Vest (01:08)
16. Collateral Damage (01:22)
17. Law Abiding Citizen (01:50)
18. Distorted View (00:49)
19. Punk To The Core (01:58)
20. Sharp Knife, Short Life (01:32)
21. Shattered (01:10)
BONUS TRACK (out-take from the Life Inside The Western Bloc session)
22. Clampdown (Mau Maus cover) (00:48)


Featuring 50% of the line-up of UK hardcore punk legends RIPCORD (as well as DUMBSTRUCK and CAN’T DECIDE, and members’ time served in HERESY and SPITE), you should already know that VIOLENT ARREST will not disappoint. This, their seventh release (early releases came out on U.S./Canadian labels Deranged and Grave Mistake) is the follow up to 2013’s stunning “Distorted View” 12".
VIOLENT ARREST take their cues from the early 80’s hardcore scene, and ‘Life Inside the Western Bloc’ thunders through 10 brand new tracks of this direct distilled approach to punk rock, and are their first recordings featuring new vocalist Welly (of Artcore Fanzine and formerly of FOUR LETTER WORD and STATE FUNERAL), all new original raging stabs of passionate, energetic, angry, political, no nonsense hardcore, stamping their statement on the current state of things.

The CD includes 11 bonus tracks, 10 from the full “Distorted View” session including their tracks from the split 7” EP with ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS (that originally came with Artcore Fanzine), and a cover of the Mau Maus and out-take from the Life Inside The Western Bloc session.

Also available as a limited edition splatter vinyl LP with 24" x 12" insert, heavyweight reverse of board sleeve and CD in PVC wallet included


Violent Arrest - Life Inside The Western Bloc (CD) (2015)
Violent Arrest - Life Inside The Western Bloc (CD) (2015)

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