Murphy's Law - Murphy's Law (Reissue 2014) (1986)

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Категория: hardcore

Murphy's Law - Murphy's Law (Reissue 2014) (1986)Исполнитель: Murphy's Law
Альбом: Murphy's Law (Reissue 2014)
Год: 1986
Страна: USA (Astoria, Queens, New York City; New York)
Стиль: NYHC
Битрейт: 263 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 00:25:06
Издатель: I Scream Records
Размер: 47.44 МБ
01. Murphy's Law (01:50)
02. California Pipeline (01:35)
03. Sit Home And Rot (01:36)
04. Fun (02:07)
05. Beer (01:56)
06. Wahoo Day (00:34)
07. Crucial Bar-B-Q (02:31)
08. A Day In The Life (01:52)
09. Care Bear (02:58)
10. Ilsa (02:40)
11. Skinhead Rebel (01:18)
12. I Got A Right (Iggy and The Stooges cover) (02:37)
13. Sit Home And Rot (Bonus Track) (01:26)


Founded in Astoria, Queens in 1983 Murphy's Law are huge part of the New York and American hardcore legacy. Their albums, such as the self entitled, "Murphy's Law" and the 1989 follow up "Back With A Bong" helped creating the sound of New York Hardcore back then, as well as what it stands for today.

In 2008 their legacy even lead to the use of the song "A Day In A Life" (from the band's debut) in the Liberty City Hardcore radio station on the Rockstar video game "Grand Theft Auto IV".
Murphy's Law never abandoned the Hardcore scene or their fans. During the extensive career Jimmy Gestapo stayed true his scene earning him & the band the name of one of NYHC's all time favorites.


Murphy's Law - Murphy's Law (Reissue 2014) (1986)

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