Thursday - Waiting (The 15-Year Anniversary Expanded Edition) (2015)

Автор: A.I. от 29 апреля 2015, посмотрело: 633

Категория: hardcore, emocore, screamo & emoviolence

Thursday - Waiting (The 15-Year Anniversary Expanded Edition) (2015)Исполнитель: Thursday
Альбом: Waiting (The 15-Year Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Год: 2015
Страна: USA (New Brunswickm, New Jersey)
Стиль: Post-Hardcore
Битрейт: 265 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 00:47:57
Издатель: Collect Records
Размер: 91.1 МБ
01. Porcelain (04:40)
02. This Side of Brightness (03:36)
03. Ian Curtis (03:47)
04. Intro (01:58)
05. Streaks in the Sky (04:30)
06. In Transmission (03:41)
07. Dying in New Brunswick (04:06)
08. The Dotted Line (04:19)
09. Where the Circle Ends (03:13)

Bonus Tracks:
10. This Side of Brightness (Demo) (03:33)
11. Dying in New Brunswick (Demo) (03:56)
12. Mass as Shadows (06:33)


After several years of being unavailable, Collect finally gives Thursday’s classic debut record the special reissue package it deserves — on the fifteenth anniversary of its release. The expanded edition of Waiting features the original album remastered and repackaged with all-new original artwork, as well as liner notes penned by vocalist Geoff Rickly, a deluxe die-cut LP and CD sleeve featuring the iconic Thursday dove logo, and three bonus tracks from Thursday’s nascent pre-Full Collapse era — available on all formats, but uniquely presented in the form of a bonus 7” single with the vinyl edition.


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