Zatopeks - About Bloody Time (2014)

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Категория: punk

Zatopeks - About Bloody Time (2014)Исполнитель: Zatopeks
Альбом: About Bloody Time
Год: 2014
Страна: UK (London, England), Germany (Berlin) and UK (Bristol, England)
Стиль: Pop Punk
Битрейт: 275 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:35:57
Издатель: Monster Zero Records
Размер: 71.11 МБ
1. One Evening – 2:27
2. Alert! – 2:58
3. The Romance Of A Bus Stop In The Rain – 2:25
4. Politics – 2:32
5. Acetate – 3:21
6. Neu-Isenburg – 2:26
7. Wait For The Fall – 3:22
8. Chequerboard – 2:07
9. Exile Blues – 2:57
10 . Baltic Moon – 3:01
11. Mechanised – 3:09
12. Life Is Elsewhere – 5:12


Alright!! It is with pride that we present to the poppunk masses: Zatopeks - About Bloody Time! The new long-awaited full-length by the boys from London, Berlin and Bristol! 12 new hitsongs by these punx that can't be labeled. Ramones, 77, football, jukebox rawk, ballads and pretty complicated lyrics. Goomba likes! Proud to have them on Monster Zero. Now go get this record, so you can sing along at their shows. A co-release with the amazing It's Alive Records and East Beat! And killer artwork by Stefan Stardumb! Out on both CD and LP.

Zatopeks formed in Birmingham, UK in 2001 and in the last 13 years have carved a reputation for their well crafted tunemanship and a ripping live show to match. Pummelling out their music live in many a dive bar/club/squat/basement across Europe is what Zatopeks do best, however on record Zatopeks also know how to impress the ears. Their own distinctive blend of early 70s punk, rock n roll, pop-punk, rock, folk… (the list could go on) is hard to find comparison with, not least due to the powerful, poetic and insightful lyrics of Will De Niro. With a lyric sheet an integral part for the complete package in any of their albums this truly rounds off the Zatopeks sound. DeNiro’s take onlife, led through a variety of themes ranging from philosophy to love to death to time and back again, grabs the listener by the neurons and forces their brain to participate.

About Bloody Time is the third album from the Zatopeks and their first with all three labels Monster Zero, It’s Alive and East Beat records as a split release. Just as every previous album of the Zatopeks found the boys stretching the mould and adding new elements, so too does About Bloody Time. With a powerful production and stunning artwork it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into this release.

Second album Damn Fool Music (Household Name Records & Whoa Oh Records) gained great reviews and showed Zatopeks pushing their more hidden influences to the fore. Proud to have been released by a label with such a rich history in the modern UK punk scene, Zatopeks toured the record in Europe the UK and USA creating havoc and making many a new friend along the way.

Released back in 2005 through Stardumb Records, ‘Ain’t Nobody Left but Us’ grounded a firm foot in the European pop-punk scene and sent the kids in the clubs scurrying for their dancing shoes as soon as the Z boys hit the stages.


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Pop Punk, но близко к Punk 77, но в 77 многие Punk Rock группы не сильно отличались от Rock 'n' Roll групп, да и Punk Rock не на пустом же месте появился, хотя многие еще падают в обморок от сочетания Pop Punk, но в общем это тот же Punk Rock, но менее жесткий, а с темами, что у тех же Rock 'n' Roll групп.


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