Terrorgruppe - 1 World – 0 Future (2000)

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Категория: punk

Terrorgruppe - 1 World – 0 Future (2000)Исполнитель: Terrorgruppe
Альбом: 1 World - 0 Future
Год: 2000
Страна: Germany (Berlin-Kreuzberg)
Стиль: Punk/Pop Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.93
Длительность: 00:40:43
Издатель: Epitaph Records
Размер: 95.03 МБ
1. Warm Up – 0:27
2. Enemy No. 1 – 2:04
3. Allein gegen alle – 2:32
4. Das war ihr Leben – 3:12
5. Videokamera – 1:59
6. What is wrong with the Americans? – 3:01
7. Falscher Film – 3:06
8. Esoterik Lied – 4:33
9. Steiner III – 3:16
10. Destroy the Krauts – 2:20
11. Dr. Motte – 2:01
12. Pequeno pero malo – 3:22
13. Do you mind? – 2:18
14. Weltuntergang – 2:21
15. Afterburner – 4:11


While the early recordings sounded strictly punk-rock, somewhere between melodic "socal" skate-punk, London 77 and old German pogo-anthems like KFC, Razors or Middle Class Fantasies......, TERRORGRUPPE later added more and more Reggae, modern H.C. and even Pop elements to their songs Today the band calls their music AGGROPOP and has founded a little aggropop-scene with their own small fanzine "Church of Punkology" as the central organ of public propaganda. Check it out in the net : www.terrorgruppe.com

Terrorgruppe's (mostly German) lyrics are as important as their music & style. They write about politics, sexuality, religion, drug-experiences, relationships and generic boring life in their very own respectless, naive and unconcerned way. Cynically and ironically they like to spread salt into the open wounds of modern society and sometimes they give practically instructions for rebellion.

But Terrorgruppe is not a political punk-band. They characterize themselves as 10% PC (and 90% politically incompetent).

They like to defame stars from politics and show business in their own way of despising mankind. Malicious joy is their most important driving element.

Of course, with this attitude they do not only make friends:

Some well known stars were thinking about suing "Terrorgruppe" (but refrained); communities tried to prohibit Terrorgruppe's live-shows and the "Office for Protection of the Constitution" recorded every little move of the band.

Christian moral-theologians and radical feminists threatened the band with assaults, certain stores refused to sell their albums...etc......

Just listen to the new album, which is a true manifesto of what the band calls Aggropop: Drive, distortion, speed and madness combined with cynic lyrics and catchy hooks... and this time even some English (and one Spanish) songs included.


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