Total Chaos - In God We Kill (1999)

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Категория: punk, sludge & metal

Total Chaos - In God We Kill (1999)Исполнитель: Total Chaos
Альбом: In God We Kill
Год: 1999
Страна: USA (Los Angeles, California)
Стиль: Crossover Thrash/Punk
Битрейт: 128 kbps CBR, Lame 3.91
Длительность: 00:40:53
Издатель: Cleopatra Records
Размер: 37.96 МБ
1. Intro – 0:09
2. Pain, Agony Defeat – 1:11
3. Never Give Up – 2:42
4. Immaculate – 1:26
5. In God We Kill – 2:54
6. Running With The Youth – 2:53
7. Take You Down – 1:54
8. Am I Free – 2:10
9. Decay Of A Wasteland – 4:01
10. Feel My Rage – 2:49
11. Time To Go – 1:34
12. Stick It To The Man – 1:56
13. Electric Lady (feat. Big Syke of 2Pac's Thug Life) – 3:39
14. Love Song – 3:25
15. Colonel Rock – 1:19
16. Let It Roll – 2:07
17. What You Gonna Do – 2:57
18. I Believe In Anarchy (The Exploited cover) – 1:47
19. The Death Of All Nazi Scum (listed on the back cover, but absent on the album)


Total Chaos always came across as a band who were more concerned with the number of studded spikes in their leather jackets than finding an identity for their sound. For example, on their first two albums, they had this early Discharge-meets-the Exploited-meets-Motörhead thing going on. Then with their third record, Anthems from the Alleyway, all of a sudden Total Chaos turned street punk, like they wanted to be the Business or something. Now with In God We Kill, there's another new lineup and a new label, but it seems as if Total Chaos couldn't decide on which musical direction they wanted to take. On some songs they're an Oi! band, on others they're an early U.K. thrash-punk outfit. But any which way you slice it, there is a thick Brit-punk influence present; lots of anti-religious, anti-nationalist, anti-fascist ramblings, but also the occasional vocal harmonies and piano incorporated here and there, which is a first for Total Chaos. A decent effort for a band that was past their prime after their first album, Pledge of Defiance but at least Total Chaos are still there fulfilling that stereotype of punk rockers who scream for anarchy without doing anything about it.

NOTE: на задней обложке напутали - трек № 19 на альбом не попал -


Total Chaos - In God We Kill (1999)

Crossover Thrash трек, но на альбоме не все такие быстрые.

И Punk трек.

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Holy Fuckin' Shit!

Из хорошего то, что записан альбом неплохо и пару-тройку раз есть более-менее неплохие риффы и ударные.

В остальном бо'льшая половина треков это простенький Crossover Thrash, а что самое смешное, остальная половины альбома - это Punk треки в духе Rancid c одновременным влиянием Street Punk и Pop Punk и пианино в придачу. Плюс три странных, непонятно к чему оказавшихся на альбоме трека и альбом получается в целом нелепым.


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