F.O.D. - Tricks Of The Trade (2014)

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Категория: punk

F.O.D. - Tricks Of The Trade (2014)Исполнитель: F.O.D.
Альбом: Tricks Of The Trade
Год: 2014
Страна: Belgium (Duffel - Lier)
Стиль: Melodic Punk
Битрейт: 254 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:35:53
Издатель: Bells On / Funtime / Effervescence
Размер: 66.32 МБ
1. Random Thoughts On A Saturday – 3:01
2. My Daily Valentine – 3:01
3. Welcome To The Show – 1:33
4. Not Even For One Day – 1:53
5. Sing Along – 0:38
6. Dear Grace – 2:16
7. History Will Prove Us Wrong – 2:51
8. Tricks Of The Trade – 2:46
9. Homeward Bound – 2:35
10 . Little Princess (For Lente) – 1:44
11. Nevermore – 2:48
12. Cease To Exist – 1:48
13. How Can You Leave Me If You Never Let Me Stay – 0:58
14. Mine To Me – 1:25
15. She – 1:42
16. Something More – 1:53
17. Soundtrack Of My Life – 3:01



Starting out in 2008, Belgian foursome F.O.D. began writing songs. Short, fast and very melodic, with no strings attached, as their legendary predecessors such as Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon and Bad Religion taught them. F.O.D. soon built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies, and in December 2011 they released their first EP ‘Dance To This!’ on Thanks But No Thanks Records. Inspired by the positive feedback, the band kept on writing new songs while touring across Belgium, leaving no punk rock heart untouched. 2013 was a year to remember: F.O.D.’s first full album ‘Ontario’ was released and received many nice critics and great reviews! 16 songs about life, kids, music, society, all wrapped in F.O.D.’s signature sound that reminds the old timers among us of our favorite nineties’ bands and the younger kids that dancing isn’t just for girls. F.O.D. intensively roamed around Belgium, released the album in Japan and then… they got invited to fulfill their wildest dream: a tour through Canadian provinces Ontario and Quebec in August! Enter 2014...the band gets signed by renowned punk rock label FUNTIME RECORDS. Before releasing the new album 'Tricks of the trade', F.O.D. released a new song on a 7” single in February of this year. 'Something more' immediately became a punkrock anthem that urges you to singalong without hesitation. And now there's 'tricks of the trade'...the important 'second album' that combines all what this band is known for with an even greater feel and a master collection on fabulous songs. Breathtaking harmonies, great rhythms, tight musicianship and an all out 'punkrock flair' make 'tricks of the trade' one of the best poppunk albums made on this side of the ocean. F.O.D. is on a mission to breathe new life into Belgian punk rock, and you’re more than welcome for the ride.

F.O.D. - Tricks Of The Trade (2014)Line-up (слева направо):
Stijn - backing vocals
Pierre - bass
Hans - guitar, lead vocals
Lode - drums



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