FaceOfAnother - Those Who Control, Are Controlled. EP (2013)

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Категория: crust & d-beat

FaceOfAnother - Those Who Control, Are Controlled. EP (2013)Исполнитель: FaceOfAnother
Альбом: Those Who Control, Are Controlled. EP
Год: 2013
Страна: Greece (Athens)/UK (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Стиль: Blackened Crust
Битрейт: 247 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:07:57
Издатель: -
Размер: 18.00 МБ
1. Faceofanother – 2:54
2. In Suspicion We Trust – 0:51
3. Re-Construction – 1:39
4. Victims Of A Bombraid (Anti Cimex cover) – 2:33

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This is our second release, it's an EP recorded with the same equipment that had been used for the demo and it includes a cover of the legendary Anti Cimex!

FaceOfAnother was created by Giorgos and Nick on a random day in the grey and miserable city called Athens…Love for hardcore and crust punk and hate for Greece’s fascist capitalist system united us as we were discussing our same and also very different opinions about anarchy and anarchism. This was the first motive for forming the band but we didn’t stick to that as a form of well known typical ideology. Our lyrics are about personal aspects of anarchism and anarchy, nihilist anarchy and anti-civilization, eco-anarchism and anti-fascism, anti-speciesism and anti-anthropocentrism, esoteric themes. The blackness made it’s presence clear from our first recordings even though it wasn’t something planned. It was a natural element that would follow what was about to come. In October of 2013 Friksos joined the band on the bass and our final sound is coming to life.

Some of the bands that have influenced us are (another reason I’m including this list is for people to remember these bands and for some others to get to know them) : Dishammer, Katastrofialue, Shikabane, Morkhimmel, War Ripper, Katastrophobia, old E.N.T., Asocial, Anti Cimex, Disrupt, Consume, Ανθρώπινος Λήθαργος, Hibernation, Επιθανάτιος Ρόγχος, Βιομηχανική Αυτοκτονία, Discharge, Disfear, Skunk, Hotbild, Έρημος, Whipstriker, Deviated Instinct, State Of Fear, Kvoteringen, Darkthrone, Πορεία Στο Περιθώριο, Welkin Dusk, Hellshock, Χαοτικό Τέλος, Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία, Ανάσα Στάχτη, Extinction Of Mankind, Scatha, Agrimonia, Nuclear Death Terror, Celtic Frost, Stormcrow, Effigy, Axiom, Ildjarn, Filth Of Mankind, Avsky, Forgotten Woods…


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