The Dickies - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (Reissue 2000) (1979)

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The Dickies - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (Reissue 2000) (1979)Исполнитель: The Dickies
Альбом: The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (Reissue 2000)
Год: 1979
Страна: USA (San Fernando Valley (now Los Angeles), California)
Стиль: Punk Rock
Битрейт: 256 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:37:47
Издатель: Captain Oi!
Размер: 69.94 МБ
1. Give It Back – 1:41
2. Poodle Party – 1:10
3. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) – 2:05
4. She (The Monkees cover) – 1:37
5. Shadow Man – 2:04
6. Mental Ward – 1:50
7. Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire cover) – 1:58
8. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) – 1:52
9. Waterslide – 2:32
10. Walk Like An Egg – 2:22
11. Curb Joe – 2:36
12. Shake And Bake – 1:56
13. Rondo (The Midget's Revenge) (instr.) – 3:13
14. I'm Okay, You're Okay – 2:10
15. Silent Night (Trad.) – 2:17
16. Sounds Of Silence – 1:35
17. Banana Splits – 1:54
18. Hideous – 1:13
19. Got It At The Store – 1:42


If there’s one band sure to put a smile on your face whilst playing at 100MPH then The Dickies are that band. Hailing from the good ol’ USA they enjoyed a sustained period of National Chart success in the late 70’s with re-workings of classics like "Silent Night”, "Paranoid” , "Nights In White Satin” and of course, "Banana Splits” (all on coloured vinyl folks!).

They could also pen a mean tune themselves as the likes of "Fan Mail”, "Where Did His Eye Go” (about Sammy Davis!) and "Bowling With Bedrock Barney” aptly show. They also brought a good sense of humour to their live shows with vocalist Leonard Graves Phillips often appearing in fancy dress – and hey pop pickers, did you know that Toy Dolls front man Olga toured with the band playing bass in the early 2000’s!

When first released by A&M Records in early 1979 this album spent over 4 months in the UK National Charts, eventually peaking at No.18.Chart hits like “Paranoid” (No.45) and “Banana Splits” (No.7) are highlights of this album which also includes the singles “Give It Back” and “Eve Of Destruction”. We’ve added all the relevant B-sides plus the “Silent Night” hit (No.47) to give 19 insights into the weird and wonderful world of The Dickies.

Bonus Tracks:
Track 14: B-Side of Paranoid 7-inch/10-inch, 1978
Tracks 15-16: Silent Night 7-inch, 1978
Tracks 17-19: Banana Splits 7-inch, 1979



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