Sweet Empire - Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us (2014)

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Категория: punk

Sweet Empire - Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us (2014)Исполнитель: Sweet Empire
Альбом: Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us
Год: 2014
Страна: Teh Netherlands (Amsterdam, Holland)
Стиль: Punk
Битрейт: 270 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:27:35
Издатель: Shield Recordings (BeNeLux - LP/CD), Gunner Records (Germany - LP/CD), LaserLife Records (Austria - LP)
Размер: 58.48 МБ
1. Wire – 2:20
2. The Abattoir – 2:07
3. The Breakfast Club Revisited – 1:44
4. Rosa – 1:50
5. Soapbox – 1:57
6. Business Bastards – 2:14
7. Black Crops & Green Seas – 2:07
8. Army Boys – 1:34
9. Unsolving problems (In The Animal Kingdom) – 1:54
10. Pretty – 1:39
11. Prometheus – 2:45
12. A Place In The Sun – 2:28
13. Burning Bibles – 2:56

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Sweet Empire's second full length.

Sweet Empire is a socially/politically involved melodic punk rock band from Holland.

Four friends, sharing a love of independent music, came together in the summer of 2008 to establish their own musical kingdom: Sweet Empire.

All of them experienced by playing in local punk and hardcore bands, they started to create songs that are melodic and playful, yet at the same time deadly serious. Bringing to mind bands like Descendents, and Dag Nasty among others.

We have a strong opinion on animal rights, each others recordcollections, the environment, politics, and the great hoax: organised religion.

Shield Recordings (BeNeLux - LP/CD) - www.shieldrecordings.com
Gunner Records (Germany - LP/CD) - gunnerrecords.com
LaserLife Records (Austria - LP) - www.laserliferecords.com

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Теги: Punk, Melodic Punk
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