Left Alone - Harbor Area (2014)

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Категория: punk, ska & reggae

Left Alone - Harbor Area (2014)Исполнитель: Left Alone
Альбом: Harbor Area
Год: 2014
Страна: USA (Wilmington, California)
Стиль: Pop Punk/2 Tone
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:30:10
Издатель: Hellcat/Smelvis
Размер: 74.22 МБ
1. Harbor Area – 2:50
2. Leather Bound Book – 2:42
3. Gone – 2:48
4. Day By Day – 3:53
5. Better Tomorrow – 2:42
6. New World Order – 2:35
7. Hollywood – 2:48
8. Punk Rock Life – 2:29
9. Broken Promise – 2:42
10. Far Away – 1:59
11. Malcontent – 2:42


Left Alone returns in their true form, serving up their strongest and most aggressive record to date. With the catchy sing along punk rock, up beat ska, and a little country, Harbor Area is an 11 song collection that is packed full of what Left Alone is known for. The band recorded this album with long time friend and producer TJ Rivera (Rufio/Nitro Records/Poor Habit/ Fat Records) in August 2012. They tracked over 20 songs and released the Hate the Day EP in 2013 for a Japan tour from those sessions. After Cortez took a break in 2013 from recording to tour and play guitar with The Transplants and Tim Timebomb and Friends, the band returned to the studio in early 2014 to put together the songs that would eventually become Harbor Area. The inspiration behind this record comes from the personal experiences that lead singer Elvis Cortez (one of the hardest working punk rockers today) has accumulated growing up in the South Bay of Los Angeles, an area that spews over with gang violence, crime and overall sense of no future. The album kicks off with the explosive song ‘Harbor Area’ which speaks of the violence and death that plagues the streets that Cortez calls home, and ends with the song “Malcontent’ which explores the inner struggles of growing up on the streets of Wilmington. Simply put, this album lyrically establishes a new level of personal insight that is rare to find in todays lackluster music. Speaking within the confinements of the 110 Fwy, The 405, the 710 and the Port of Wilmington. Harbor Area is a love letter by Cortez to his hometown and the place where it all began.



Left Alone - Harbor Area (2014)

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Решил все же послушать, после первых песен чуть не выключил, так как по части Pop превзошли Rancid. Ska второй волны с приветами Blue Beat вообще не какое. Есть, и их примерно половина, Punk треки, вроде The Ramonse, Green Day (OLD) и т.п., они у них c захватывающим ритмом, но прилизанные, получается как - замах хороший, но удар никакой; кто в курсе есть Up-beat Pop Punk - Pop Punk, но с более оживленным ритмом, эти треки из этой серии.

IYL: дебютный альбом Good Charlotte, Green Day (OLD)


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