Pistol Grip - Another Round (2003)

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Категория: punk, oi & street punk

Pistol Grip - Another Round (2003)Исполнитель: Pistol Grip
Альбом: Another Round
Год: 2003
Страна: USA (Walnut, California)
Стиль: Punk Rock/Street Punk
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR, Lame
Длительность: 00:38:04
Издатель: BYO (Better Youth Organization)
Размер: 52.45 МБ
1. Sweet & Sour Of A Knife – 2:37
2. Empty Shells – 2:11
3. The Unwanted – 3:06
4. Black Heart – 2:30
5. 1997 – 2:56
6. A Murder Of Crows – 2:58
7. Marshburn Ave. – 2:52
8. Gypsy – 2:56
9. Broken Radio – 3:35
10. From The Arches To The End – 2:37
11. Damned Of Tomorrow – 2:37
12. Another Face To Hate – 2:48
13. The Rebels Are Dead – 4:21


Formed in 1997, Pistol Grip arose from the depths of the Los Angeles underground scene as the answer to all the Ska and Pop bands that were saturating the underground and calling themselves "punk." They played locally and steadily gained a loyal fan-base that’s been growing exponentially ever since. Their infectious sound has earned the respect and praise of anybody whose been exposed since then.

After supporting AFI and NOFX and touring on 2002's Warped tour, Another Round shows the band's maturity and delivers an impressive second record. An awe-inspiring testament to true punk rock, driving beats sing-along choruses and socially conscious lyrics from Los Angeles' pride and joy do this one right.


Pistol Grip - Another Round (2003)Pistol Grip - Another Round (2003)

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