The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy (2014)

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The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy (2014)Исполнитель: The Mahones
Альбом: A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy
Год: 2014
Страна: Canada, Toronto via Dublin
Стиль: Folk Punk
Битрейт: 240 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 01:19:37
Издатель: Whiskey Devil Records
Размер: 143.01 МБ
Live in Italy:
1. A Great Night On the Lash – 4:30
2. Paint The Town Red – 3:17
3. Shakespeare Road – 4:21
4. A Pain From Yesterday – 3:30
5. Angels & Devils – 3:48
6. Wild Rover – 3:34
7. London – 5:13
8. Down The Boozer – 3:57
9. Give It All You Got – 3:42
10. Past The Pint Of No Return – 5:16
11. King Of Copenhagen – 3:35
12. Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil – 4:31
13. Whiskey Under The Bridge – 4:05
14. Queen & Tequila – 3:33
15. Blood Is On Your Hands – 3:59
16. Celtic Pride/Drunken Lazy Bastard/Teenage Kicks – 10:21
Bonus Tracks:
17. Going Down The Bar (The Wretched Ones cover) (feat. The Defects) – 3:01
18. I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones cover) (feat. The Defects) – 2:53
19. Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover) (feat. The Defects) – 2:31


Irish Punk at its finest since 1990

The Mahones' new album, A Great Night On The Lash: Live In Italy, released on February 11th, 2014, worldwide, on the band's very own record label, Whiskey Devil Records.

The Defects -
The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy (2014)



The Mahones are preparing for the release of their highly anticipated new double album, The Hunger & The Fight. A concept album, it explores the evolution of Irish music and Irish history, from folk to Punk, from Brian Boru to modern day. It's The Mahones finest album yet.

The Hunger & The Fight will be released on Whiskey Devil Records on iTunes worldwide on October 7th, and will be available on CD across Canada on October 7th. It will be released on East Grand Records, and available on CD in the USA on October 14th, and on vinyl in the USA on November 28th. It will be released in Europe on Wolverine Records on both CD and Vinyl on October 31st. GET READY!


The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy (2014)От 28 августа

THE MAHONES have finished recording and mixing THE HUNGER & THE FIGHT! This is our best album yet!.

THE HUNGER & THE FIGHT - Part 1 (Release Date Oct 7, 2014) on Whiskey Devil Records!

01. Brian Boru's March
02. The Hunger & The Fight
03. Paddy On The Railway
04. Stars (Oscar Wilde)
05. Prisoner 1082
06. A Pint Of Plain (And A Drop Of The Pure)
07. Someone Saved Me
08. The Auld Triangle
09. Blood On The Streets Of Dublin
10. St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song

(Bonus Tracks)
11. I Can Only Give You Everything (Van Morrison and Them cover)
12. Last One To Die (Hooligans United Rancid Tribute Record)

Produced by Finny McConnell and Dave Baksh
Mixed and Mastered by Gene Hughes

Recorded at Gentlemen's Den Studio (Toronto)
Mixed and Mastered at Telejet Music Studio (Toronto)
June / Aug 2014.

(The Hunger & The Fight Part 2 coming Feb 17, 2015)


The Mahones - A Great Night On The Lash – Live In Italy (2014)От 4 июля

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to our friends & family in AMERICA! Our upcoming album, The Hunger & The Fight is a double concept album, and we've been proudly displaying the cover of part one for months. What better day than today to present the cover of THE HUNGER & THE FIGHT - PART TWO:

01. The Hunger & The Fight Overture
02. Punk Rock Soldiers
03. The Last American Outlaw
04. Hammer In A Bag
05. We Stand United
06. Irish Punk Girl
07. Turn This Town Upside Down
08. The Irish Brigade (The Fighting 69th)
09. Dancing In The Moonlight
10. See You In My Dreams

Bonus Track
11. Hurt (Johnny Cash Tribute / NIN cover)

(Coming Feb 17, 2015)

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