The Gogets - Gained Noise (2014)

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The Gogets - Gained Noise (2014)Исполнитель: The Gogets
Альбом: Gained Noise
Год: 2014
Страна: Austria (Vienna)
Стиль: Punk/Rock/Metal
Битрейт: 256 kbps CBR, FhG (iTunes 10.6.3)
Длительность: 00:29:15
Издатель: Hamburg Records/Sony Music
Размер: 57.02 МБ
1. Gained Noise – 4:14
2. Determination Turns The Tide – 4:33
3. Captain – 3:40
4. Rank Growth – 2:45
5. Interlude – 2:28
6. Better Safe Then Sorry – 5:15
7. Rise And Fall – 2:40
8. Feel Alive – 3:40


Why is a band, that has just released one demo, playing all over the world? And why are they performing on Eurpoe‘s biggest festival stage in front of 160.000 people? Or how have they gained the interest of the Rolling Stones Magazine so they interviewed them?

The four in Vienna living Austrians have no clue: „Obvioulsy peo- ple seem to like us, somehow“ is Dominik Wlazny satisfactory explanation. Nevertheless it definately was time for an Album. The long-desired debut „Gained Noise“ will be released on June 20th. It‘s not that THE GOGETS are breaking new ground with their mix of Punk, Rock and Metal. But it‘s also a fact, that they are adopting the cominiation of genres easily as their own.

Time will tell if THE GOGETS will remain a crowd-favourite, or if the critics will be able to keep in step with this unstoppable appearing train. At least the single of the titel track dased as the highest new entry of the German Alternative Charts on number 6 to climb up to number 3 in the second week.



The Gogets - Gained Noise (2014)The Gogets - Gained Noise (2014)

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Теги: Punk, Rock, Metal
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С большим трудом, но все же нашел этот альбом.

Вроде Strung Out последних двух альбомов, а так же Rise Against (3-и последних альбома), Templeton Pek - Signs (2013), вообще звучит похоже на Misconduct - Blood On Our Hands (2013), Cashless - Living Between The Lines (2008), то есть достаточно свежо.

Тексты в духе Rise Against.


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