Some Nerve - Self-Titled (2014)

Автор: A.I. от 13 августа 2014, посмотрело: 524

Категория: punk, hardcore

Some Nerve - Self-Titled (2014)Исполнитель: Some Nerve
Альбом: Some Nerve
Год: 2014
Страна: USA (Houston, Texas)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 278 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:33:30
Издатель: Dying Scene Records
Размер: 74.37 МБ
1. Trenches (intro) – 1:40
2. Held Hostage – 3:03
3. What We Don't See – 2:32
4. Porcelain Throne – 2:07
5. How Can We Be Safe? – 3:14
6. Dead To Me – 3:27
7. Condemnation – 3:56
8. Texas Massacre – 3:37
9. The Patriot – 4:23
10. Covered In Blood – 4:00
11. Rebellion – 1:31

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Some Nerve rips through old school hardcore punk with a modern finish. They're not wearing gym shorts and windmilling about-- they're breaking strings and bellowing their message with both direction and aggression. This five piece takes the raw energy of their hardcore punk forefathers and pumps it through a fret-smoldering metallic sensibility, bringing a sense of dynamic musicality to their fury. The sound of Some Nerve's debut self-titled album brings to mind the glory days of early era Epitaph Records band RKL and has even been described as an "evil version" of A Wilhelm Scream/Propagandhi, but the relentless pissed off spirit is certainly all their own. This is music for punks with pervasive sore throats and bloodshot eyes, taking aim at the establishment with athletic aggression and an unquieted voice.


Some Nerve - Self-Titled (2014)Some Nerve - Self-Titled (2014)

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Звучат как что-то среднее между Death By Stereo, A Wilhelm Scream и The Casualties, вокала чистого нет, и по манере он близок к Street Punk.


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