Wrong Answer - Circle Of Blood (Compilation) (2014)

Автор: A.I. от 11 августа 2014, посмотрело: 360

Категория: hardcore

Wrong Answer - Circle Of Blood (Compilation) (2014)Исполнитель: Wrong Answer
Альбом: Circle Of Blood (Compilation)
Год: 2014
Страна: USA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR, FhG
Длительность: 00:31:15
Издатель: Six Feet Under Records
Размер: 47.42 МБ
1. The World Is Empty – 2:38
2. Citizen Of Hell – 2:12
3. Factorum – 1:21
4. Chance – 2:33
5. Struggler – 2:33
6. The Tombs – 2:22
7. RIP – 1:05
8. Reprobate – 2:58
9. Open Fire/The Wrong Way – 3:27
10. Cross A Black Cat's Path – 2:15
11. The Nightmare Continues – 2:27
12. No End In Sight – 3:08
13. The Antoinette – 2:16


A collection of all of Wrong Answers vinyl releases. Remastered by Will Yip at Studio 4 and sounding totally new again. If you already have and like these songs on their original formats you will want to get this for sure. If youve never checked out Wrong Answer, now is the time.

Wrong Answer is a hardcore band from Philadelphia and the surrounding area. They play punk-influenced hardcore that is somewhat reminiscent of “Systems Overload” era Integrity, as well as several other artists whose names begin with Rs: Ringworm, Right Brigade, The Ramones, Raw Deal, Ramallah and Raekwon. They define their sound as “Naughty Youth Crew”. Wrong Answer’s songs deal with topics like the struggle against fate, demonic possession, drug dealing, juvenile delinquency, and manual labor.

Tracks 1-4 - from The World Is Empty (7-inch) (2010) / Harvcore Records
Tracks 5-9 - from The Wrong Way (7-inch) (2011) / Harvcore Records
Tracks 6-13 - from Cross A Black Cat's Path (7-inch) (2012) / Six Feet Under Records


Band's last show flyer / facebook.com :
Wrong Answer - Circle Of Blood (Compilation) (2014)

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Теги: Hardcore Punk
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