Peter Pan Speedrock - Buckle Up And Shove It (2014)

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Категория: punk, psychobilly & rockabilly, rock'n'roll

Peter Pan Speedrock - Buckle Up And Shove It (2014)Исполнитель: Peter Pan Speedrock
Альбом: Buckle Up And Shove It
Год: 2014
Страна: Germany (Eindhoven)
Стиль: Hard Rock/Punk 'n' Roll
Битрейт: 266 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 00:38:57
Издатель: Suburban Records
Размер: 77.49 МБ
1. Get You High – 2:59
2. Whatever Man – 3:26
3. Murdertruck – 2:51
4. Tunnelvision – 3:19
5. Bad Thing – 3:04
6. Loose Woman – 2:45
7. New Rose (The Damned cover) – 2:28
8. Note To Self – 3:12
9. Wide-Eyed – 3:25
10. Buckle Up & Shove It – 3:19
11. Dead Ringer – 2:59
12. Doin The Nasty – 1:50
13. Heart Full Of Soul (The Yardbirds cover) (feat. Mark Phillips (AKA Sparky/Sparky Retard De Ville) of Demented Are Go) – 3:20


The hardest working rock & roll band from the Netherlands lets loose another motherfucker of an album! How come the Rockcity trinity still gains momentum after eighteen loud and mean years, one might ask. Well, buckle up for the read.

As Elvis said: “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” The engine of Peter Pan Speedrock is a Top Fuel dragster speeding through the stuff that dreams are made of. To name a few of their gazillion dirty deeds: split-releases with the likes of Zeke, Danko Jones, Gluecifer and Batmobile touring the world from Australia to Russia instigating the annual festivals Klok Rock Orange, Beaverfest and the grand slam of rock on Dutch soil - Speedfest.

After the experience of recording with knob-twisters extraordinaire such as Theo Van Rock, Kurt Bloch and Tomas Skogsberg, PPSR took matters into their own hands and built their own studio at Rockcity Headquarters in hometown Eindhoven.

As soon as PPSR’s ninth studio album kicks into gear with the single GET YOU HIGH (watch that dope video!) the band pulls out all the stops. All the Speedrock essentials are there: Peter’s vocals soaring next to his blistering guitar riffs and leads, Bartmann’s trademark bass rumble in the low end, reinforced by Bart’s drum style which combines übertight skin bashing with super heavyweight free-fighting. It’s a powerhouse on fire, yet there’s more melody at times while the sound is suited for each and every track. Two of them are renditions of classic hits: NEW ROSE is a salute to punk pioneers The Damned and HEART FULL OF SOUL is a stunning take on The Yardbirds gem, a dynamite surprise to close off the album. Guest vocalist on the song is none other than Spark Retard, the razor-blade gargling maniac of psychobilly legends Demented Are Go. Goddamn, that certainly is one hell of a climax.

BUCKLE UP AND SHOVE IT! is released in the Benelux by Suburban Records, the loyal Dutch PPSR dealers for this entire millennium. In the rest of Europe the album shall be unleashed by renowned German imprint Steamhammer/SPV, which makes PPSR label mates of kindred spirits the Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy. Speaking of the latter: during a five week North American stint with Nashville Pussy, PPSR broke up all at once in the middle of the tour, just like that! Fortunately, true to the band’s nature, Nashville Pussy witnessed the fastest reunion in rock & roll history. The very next day PPSR played one of their best shows ever and hasn’t looked back since, going from strength to strength and closer to their goal of surpassing the Ramones mark of 2,263 shows. This relentless attitude blasts off the new album, so BUCKLE UP AND SHOVE IT!



Peter Pan Speedrock - Buckle Up And Shove It (2014)

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New Rose (The Damned cover) была раньше на VA - Respect Your Roots Worldwide (2012)

Я их почти не слушал (пара песен), но тут "Скоростного Рока" не уловил, а так Hard Rock с Punk поправками, и звук, и плотность звучания мне, в принципе, понравились, но в целом не зацепило, но еще раз, у меня просто нет пристрастия к такого плана музыке.


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Не знаю как тут, но раньше они играли бодрое сайко. Довелось видеть на сцене - мощные ребята. Очень.

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