Pinhead Circus - Everything Else Is Just A Far Gone Conclusion (1999)

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Pinhead Circus - Everything Else Is Just A Far Gone Conclusion (1999)сполнитель: Pinhead Circus
Альбом: Everything Else Is Just A Far Gone Conclusion
Год: 1999
Страна: USA (Golden, Colorado)
Стиль: Skate Punk
Битрейт: 128 kbps CBR
Длительность: 00:24:33
Издатель: BYO Records
Размер: 22.63 МБ
1. Say Goodnight - 2:11
2. Asking For A Beating - 2:19
3. Hallmark - 2:28
4. Three Feet Down - 3:06
5. Clear A Path - 2:15
6. Pointer - 2:42
7. My Confession - 1:52
8. Lucky - 1:37
9. I've Done Everything For You (Sammy Hagar cover) - 2:12
10. Jack Knife Powerbomb - 2:01
11. Last Song Miss Leah - 1:50


За ударными Brandon Barnes который со второй половины 2000 в Rise Against.

Ahhhh, Colorado. When I think of Colorado four things come to my mind: snow, Coors, "Mork & Mindy" and now, Pinhead Circus. This powerhouse trio was born in 1988, in front of Scooter's halfpipe where all the kids flocked to skate, ride BMX bikes and drink malt liquor . Fronted by the infamous Jimmy Pinhead aka Scooter on guitars & whining, Trelvis on the 4 string bass plus whimpering and Otis the Spicy Italian on skins, these boys have come a long way since blowing up their van in Waco, Texas five years ago. If you thought punk rock has gotten safe and glossed over in the nineties, think again. "Detailed Instructions for the Self Involved" is Pinhead Circus' mighty BYO Records debut, which rocks like none other. Its raw, rough, loud, proud and punk! From the opening thunder of the title cut to the rowdy melodies of "Retinally Challenged", "Three", "Six Down" and "Petty Motivation" this record is destined to be a punk rock classic for generations of punk fans past , present and future. Don't miss the incredible live shenanigans of self-professed clowns when the Pinhead Circus comes to town!



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