The Briefs - Singles Only (Digital Edition) (2012)

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The Briefs - Singles Only (Digital Edition) (2012)Исполнитель: The Briefs
Альбом: Singles Only (Digital Edition)
Год: 2012
Страна: USA (Seattle, Washington)
Стиль: Punk Rock
Битрейт: 160 kbps CBR, FhG
Длительность: 01:15:50
Издатель: Modern Action Records
Размер: 88.19 МБ
Poor And Weird ‎(Single) (7-inch) (1999), Cut And Run Records
1. A. Poor And Weird (7 Version) – 2:14
2. B. Rotten Love (7 Version) – 3:30

Split w/ The Spits (7-inch) (2000), Dirtnap Records
3. B1. (I Think) My Baby Is A Communist – 2:20
4. B2. Silver Bullet – 1:08

Squash Me Like A Bug / Benny's Got A Cigarette (Double Single) (7-inch) (2001), Sub Pop
5. A. C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug – 2:37
6. B. Benny's Got A Cigarette – 1:55

Poor And Weird (Maxi-Single) (CD) (2001), Interscope Records
7. Poor And Weird (Big Money Version) – 2:16
8. Where Did He Go (Big Money Version) – 2:14
9. Sylvia (Big Money Version) – 1:38

She's Abrasive / Like A Heartattack (Double Single) (7-inch) (2002), Dirtnap Records
10. A. She's Abrasive – 2:29
11. B. Like A Heart Attack – 3:03

Love And Ulcers / We Americans (Double Single) (7-inch) (2002), Dirtnap Records
12. A. Love And Ulcers – 2:16
13. B. We Americans – 2:07

(Looking Through) Gary Glitter's Eyes (Single) (7-inch) (2002), Screaming Apple (Germany)
14. A. (Looking Through) Gary Glitters' Eyes – 2:33
15. B. Dead In The Suburbs (Los Reactors cover) – 2:57

Split w/ The Distraction (7-inch) (2002), Radio Blast Recordings (Germany)
16. A. Ain't It The Truth – 2:38

This Age (Single) (7-inch/CD) (2002), Crystal Songs (UK)
17. A. This Age – 3:11
18. B. Medication – 2:37

Give The People What We Want: Songs Of The Kinks (Compilation) (2001), Sub Pop
19. Come Dancing (The Kinks cover) – 2:25

The Joy Of Killing (7-inch) (2003), Lollipop Records (France)
20. A1. Kill The Hippies 1 (The Deadbeats cover) – 2:27
21. A2. I Wanna Kill My Mom 1 (The Panics cover)– 1:36
22. B1. Todd Killings 1 (Angry Samoans cover) – 0:39
23. B2. Born To Kill 1 (The Damned cover) – 2:23
24. B3. Kill 1 (Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias cover) – 1:28

Split w/ The Shocks (7-inch) (2004), Radio Blast Recordings/Dirty Faces (Germany)
25. A. I Know 1 – 2:33

Stuck On You (Single) (7-inch) (2005), Zaxxon Records (Canada)
26. A. Stuck On You 1 – 2:22
27. B. Fuck Me Dead 1 – 1:06

Demo Tape (1999)
28. Big Dog (Demo) – 1:53
29. Where Did He Go (Demo) – 2:20
30. No Show (Demo) – 2:12
31. Rotten Love (Demo) – 3:46
32. New Case (Demo) – 2:49
33. New Shoes (Demo) – 2:06


By far this is the toughest project we’ve ever attempted. Our disorganization was really exposed on this baby and it nearly drove the final stake right through MARs purple heart. But, after a year or two of promises, much inter-label fighting, a few high-interest loans and many tacos eaten – Its finally here! The ultimate Briefs collection! This killer definitive singles boxset is packed to the gils with the best tunes from the best band of the last decade and a half. 18 songs packed onto 5 x 7″s, 6 more songs on the demo tape and 9 more bonus songs with the download for a total of 33 Non-LP (for the most part) Briefs tracks. No more arguing over which Briefs LP is the best, cause we all know the 7″s are better than the LPs anyways! So THIS is the best Briefs release hands down, problem solved…Along with the killer tunes, also included in this package is a bunch of other cool Briefs stuff to help you get back into your early 2000′s pogo-mode. So drop your cheeseburger, bleach your hair and shave your beards cause the Briefs are ready to wake you up from your last 7 years of miserable existence…and as usual, better hurry up you f-ers, cause they’re gonna go fast (or we’ll be outta business fast)!


The Briefs - Singles Only (Digital Edition) (2012)

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