Zero Boys - Vicious Circle (Reissue) (2009)

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Zero Boys - Vicious Circle (Reissue) (2009)Исполнитель: Zero Boys
Альбом: Vicious Circle (Reissue 2009)
Год: 1982
Страна: USA (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 217 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97b
Длительность: 00:26:08
Издатель: Secretly Canadian
Размер: 41.85 МБ
1. Vicious Circle – 0:41
2. Amphetamine Addiction – 1:18
3. New Generation – 1:37
4. Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds – 1:27
5. Civilization's Dying – 1:58
6. Livin' In The 80's – 2:10
7. Drug Free Youth – 1:07
8. Down The Drain – 1:12
9. Outta Syle – 1:05
10. You Can Touch Me – 1:11
11. Forced Entry – 1:34
12. Hightime – 2:13
13. Charles' Place – 1:27
14. Trying Harder – 3:12
15. She Said Goodbye* – 2:02
16. Slam And Worm* – 1:54

* Bonus cuts not on the original 1982 release


The long awaited re-issue of 1982's Vicious Circle from Indianapolis-based Zero Boys. Unlike most coast punk of the time, the Zero Boys were pointing the way to a scene that could accommodate heaping helpings of melody, intelligence, and rock 'n roll, not just turbo-charged ferocity. When the Ramones lost it, the Zero Boys found it, adding a slam brigade fist to the blitzkrieg beat. They managed to come up with one of the best early '80s punk records. Vicious Circle has been remastered from the original tapes. Liner notes by Jack Rabid. Between this and History Of, the entire recorded output of this legendary Midwest punk band's original line up is finally collected.

Original demo tape version (1981) of the Vicious Circle album, made by the band. Tracklisting is slightly different than what eventually wound up on the Nimrod pressing of the LP. The demo tape includes two extra songs (Slam & Worm and She Said Goodbye) which were not released.

Обзоры и мнения о альбоме:
Maximim RocknRoll, 1982: "The best band from Hoosier territory since the PANICS and the early GIZMOS. The ZERO BOYS have managed to combine elements from the 60's punk-STOOGES axis of their first EP (especially great vocals) and 80's thrash without losing anything in the process. This well-recorded album is varied enough to hold the interest of punk aficionados from all eras, no small achievement."

Boston Rock, 1982: "High-powered hardcore from Indianapolis. I've been eagerly waitin' on this one since they blasted through town a couple of months back. Fourteen stellar songs, all askin' for another spin! Rhythm guitarist/singer Paul Mahern provides a constant wash from the first track to the last and everything else is just gravy on top. If you've been feelin' jaded and cynical with all the shit that's been crammin' the bins of late, this one's for you. It will remind some of SLF's first, back when they had balls and something to say 'bout this great society. "You seen them live in the 60's/Die in the 70's/But we're livin' in the 80's." Amen.")


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В преддверии нового альбома - Monkey, который выйдет 20 мая 2014, решил наконец-то послушать и дебютный альбом. Послушал - 5 из 5.

По стилю Old School Hardcore с влиянием Punk 77 (первой волны) - когда были более Rock n Roll ориентированны группы (Ramones!) и с необработанным (raw) звуком.

No Problem играют во многом схожем ключе.

Пара забавных строчек из обзоров:
Когда Ramones потеряли это, Zero Boys нашли это, добавляя хлопанье бригадного кулака к блицкриг ритму.

Это будет напоминать некоторое из SLF (Stiff Little Fingers) первого, еще когда у них были шары и что-то сказать насчет этого великого общества.


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