Stop Breathing - Stop Breathing (7-inch) (2010)

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Категория: thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence

Stop Breathing - Stop Breathing (7-inch) (2010)Исполнитель: Stop Breathing (memebers of Missing 23rd, Glass & Ashes, Fucking Wrath, Young Livers)
Альбом: Stop Breathing (7-inch)
Год: 2010
Страна: USA (Oxnard, California)
Стиль: Thrash
Битрейт: 247 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:07:56
Издатель: Rotten To The Core Records
Размер: 19.31 МБ
1. What I Want – 1:43
2. Bombs Away – 2:11
3. The Eye – 1:58
4. Breaking Point – 2:04

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Folks from Young Livers, The Fucking Wrath and Glass And Ashes playing straight-up hardcore! Think Stalag 13 and Ill Repute and you're getting there.

Out of the strawberry fields of Oxnard, CA comes the raging debut 7” from Stop Breathing. Playing classic Nardcore punk mixed with a bit of east coast flavor, this 4 song gem will have you circle pitting in no time. Think RKL partying it up in NYC in the late 80’s. Features current and ex members of The Missing 23rd, Glass & Ashes, The Fucking Wrath, & Young Livers means these guys know how to play and do it well. If you’re a fan of Nardcore & late 80’s hardcore get this now. There are only 300 and they’re going fast.


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Ребята из Oxnard, играют с Thrash подходом, но и Nardcore слегка напоминают (чуть гитарами, больше гитарными короткими соло).


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