NoWhiteRag - Daghdèinter (2014)

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Категория: oi & street punk

NoWhiteRag - Daghdèinter (2014)Исполнитель: NoWhiteRag
Альбом: Daghdèinter
Год: 2014
Страна: shITALY (Mvtina)
Стиль: Street Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98r / 48 kHz (transcode ~ 128 kbps)
Длительность: 00:25:18
Издатель: Nuclear Chaos Records
Размер: 58.10 МБ (сжатие 5%)
1. Days go by – 2:20
2. By my side – 1:23
3. Dead Leaves – 2:22
4. Daghdèinter – 2:56
5. Macho Ego – 2:34
6. Religion is Sickness – 1:00
7. Dear Foe – 3:42
8. That Woman – 2:20
9. Orpheus is Dead – 2:19
10. Chi l'avrebbe detto – 2:14
11. J.B.G (Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" cover) – 2:08


New album 9 new songs and 2 covers.

Hey mates! This is a kind of explanation, or whatever you wanna call it...about the title of this album: "Daghdèinter". It's not italian language, it's dialect from Modena, an archaic way of speaking that probably will disappear within few generations. It's pretty impossible to translate literally, but more or less it is like "give it all" or "don't give up", and is what we mean with "no white rag". The song celebrates these 10 years of activity like a band and it sounds like if I try to explain to some old people from my little village what it means to me playing in a band like NoWhiteRag. I think that the language is just a useful mean to externalize emotions, experiences, ideals, ideas...and this time I've decided to use dialect, to leave a trace. Songs last more than men. That's all!

"...and now you can get what I mean with "Nowhiterag" too: it means that you have to work your ass out, do not listen to anyone who wants to change or control you, keep on going your way! It's the anger that burns within, it's a black flag waving in your heart"

NWR for this record are:
Zanna: Voice
Marconcio: Voice and guitar
Katta: Chorus and guitar
Grug: Bass
Cocolo: Drums

Recorded between August 2012 and April 2013 at Studio 74 in ravenna and Noway Studio in Villapunk. Mixed and mastered by Paso at Studio 74, Ravenna, September 2013.

This album was also possible by the cooperation of some independent DIY labels round Europe: NuclearChaosRecords, Maniac Attack, Angry Voice, Terror Tubbies, DrinkFightLove Records, AnarchoPunx Records, Human Parasit Pladden, Pest & Cholera Records, Propaganda Sovversiva, Baobab Produzioni, Bomb-All Records, Keponteam, Heresia, TristeBufon Anticompany, Fall of Men Records, SusyRec., Kalashnikov, Pogohai, Dis-srot, Subwix, Stella Nera, Call the Cops Records

Involves the precious co-operation of:
Datura Stramonium Tenebrarum (Jesus Ain't in Poland): Theatrical Piece in "Chi l'avrebbe detto", backing vocals and growls
Ruby: voice in "Daghdèinter"
Cocolo: Harmonica in "Daghdèinter", acoustic guitar in "Dear Foe"
Ullah (Auweia!): featuring in "Macho Ego"
Modi (Into the Baobab): featuring in "Chi l'avrebbe detto"


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Группу давно знаю, но на сайт их не заливал, так как на мой взгляд являются представителями "унылых европейцев". Да и этот альбом не исключение, в творчестве этой группы из говноИТАЛИИ (как они сами именуют свою страну).

Street Punk с невнятным Old School Hardcore влиянием и Rock N Roll конвульсиями.

Так же, кто нашел второй кавер пишите!


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