The 101's - For The Years (2014)

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Категория: punk

The 101's - For The Years (2014)Исполнитель: The 101's
Альбом: For The Years
Год: 2014
Страна: Netherlands (Eindhoven)
Стиль: Punk
Битрейт: 277 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:33:18
Издатель: White Russian Records, No Reason Records, No Panic! Records, I For Us Records
Размер: 66.79 МБ
1. Not Like You – 3:12
2. Caught Up – 2:42
3. Chances – 3:14
4. No Man's Land – 3:08
5. Out Of Sight – 3:15
6. Mindsets – 2:50
7. The Four Year Story Of A Hot Water Polar Bear In A Red City So Far – 2:52
8. Annihilation – 2:56
9. Still Distant – 3:07
10. Edge Of Society – 2:17
11. The Corner – 3:45


The 101's - Melodic Punk Rock
The 101’s, hailing from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, started out in 2006. Formed by four friends that share a passion for punk rock, they recorded and self-released two EP’s, and started playing their rock infused punk rock tunes in the style of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Polar Bear Club and The Story So Far throughout their country. Sharing stages with bands like Bad Religion, Beatsteaks, Taylor Hawkins, Such Gold, Red City Radio and De Heideroosjes, the band started to make quite a name in the scene. Festivals took notice, and invitations to well known festivals like Bospop, Speedfest, Groezrock, Jera On Air, Nirwana Tuinfest and Tauberal Festival (D) followed soon.

In 2012 the band released a video and single for the track “Annihilation”; their first co-operation with White Russian Records. The critically acclaimed track soon left radio listeners and show visitors hungry for more new material in this style, that showcased a more melodic punk rock influenced band. At the end of 2013 the band entered the studio with Robin van Loenen, known as songwriter and frontman of the Dutch award winning rock band Destine and as producer and co-writer for many talented and award winning artists and songs. For The Years, containing 11 punk driven songs in the style of Red City Radio, The Story So Far and The Loved Ones, has been mastered by Troy Glessner, known for mastering jobs for genre defining bands like Propagandhi, Anberlin, August Burns Red, UnderOath and MxPx.

The outcome is a 11 track punk rock album showing a wide array of catchy sing a longs, grooving choruses, heartfelt verses and a great talent for songwriting. The album, For The Years, is released in March 2014, by a variety of labels that have worked with many great names in the past.

“For The Years” will see the light of day on March 14th 2013, on CD and LP, and will be released by White Russian Records, who previously released the Annihilation single as well. I For Us Records (No Guts No Glory, Nine Eleven) will take care of the Belgian release, No Reason Records (Atlas Losing Grip, Astpai, This Is A Standoff) will take care of the Italian release and No Panic (River Jumpers, Crime In Stereo) will handle the German release.

The first single Chances is available now, and comes with a great video, capturing the bands energy, and shows what big sing-a-long choruses will do to the crowd. It has been shot by Niels Bourgonje, known for his work with the hard working Dutch band John Coffey.

With a great album under their belt and a healthy doses of energy and eagerness to rock every stage and festival and leave the crowd numb, 2014 will be the year of The 101’s.


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Хрен с ним, залью и их, хотя думается, никому они здесь нах не нужны.

Еще один представитель, так сказать - Punk, с песнями на личные темы. Звучит все это как нежеланный сын, грязной шлюхи которая ебалась со всеми подряд от братьев Pop Punk и Easycore, до Indie, Emo и находящегося в городе проездом Rock, и не знает: "От кого я блядь залетела?"

Как написано на No Reason Records: "passion rules on punk rock way - страсть правит на панк-рок пути", вот и они это Passion Punk - Страстный Панк.

Во втором абзаце, кстати, отмечено, что альбом в стиле Red City Radio, The Story So Far и The Loved Ones. Или ориентируйтесь по именам в 7 песне.


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