7 Seconds - I Have Faith In You (Single) (2014)

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Категория: punk, hardcore

7 Seconds - I Have Faith In You (Single) (2014)Исполнитель: 7 Seconds
Альбом: I Have Faith In You (Single)
Год: 2014
Страна: USA (Skeeno/Sacto (Reno), Nevada)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 192 kbps
Длительность: 00:02:02
Издатель: Rise Records
Размер: 2.89 МБ
1. I Have Faith In You – 2:02


Rise Records is proud to announce the release of "Leave A Light On" by legendary hardcore band 7Seconds.

It's been over 9 years since their last release. This new 14 song album has elements of all things 7 Seconds: fast, melodic, earnest and smart.

Forming in Reno, NV in January 1980, 7 Seconds was the originator of the West Coast Hardcore sound that influenced just about every hardcore band including: Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and modern day bands like Title Fight and American Nightmare.

It is safe to say the band helped start the "Youth Crew" sound. Releasing an EP called "Walk Together, Rock Together" in 1985 o&cially put them on the map.

Their positive lyrical content influenced so many youths over the years and they weren't afraid to push the envelope.

Kevin Seconds has this to say about the new album: "This new record will be all about the energy and drive we still very much possess as a hardcore band.

It's been 9 long years since we've recorded a new album so there's a great deal of urgency in them, with just the right mixture of both fast and mid-tempo tunes for people to sink their teeth into." The band will be touring the USA in July and August in support of "Leave A Light On".

NEW ALBUM OUT 27.05.2014.

1. Exceptional
2. Upgrade Everything
3. Slogan On A Shirt
4. I have Faith In You
5. 30 Years (And Still Going Wrong)
6. Leave A Light On
7. Empty Spots
8. Your Hate Mentality
9. My Aim Is You
10. Rage Quit
11. Heads Are Bound To Roll
12. Standing By Yourself
13. Someday, Some Way
14. Simple Or Absolute


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