Whatever68 Radio Compilation 3

Автор: Vicious от 19 марта 2014, посмотрело: 426

Категория: punk, hardcore, oi & street punk, v.a.

Whatever68 Radio Compilation 3
Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Whatever68 Radio Compilation 3
Год выхода: 2014
Жанр: hardcore punk/street-punk/oi punk/punk rock
Время: 3:26
Качество: 320 kb/s
Размер: 361mb

1.Born To Destruct - Welcome To The Madhouse
2.Brown Acid - Grudgefuck
3.Spyder Darling Band - Third Times A Charm
4.Hospital Food - Why Cant You See?
5.Amputees - Cold Stars
6.Morgellons - Cheap Thrills Bad Habits
7.F-61 - S.U.Z.Y
8.Tealeaf - Dominatrix
9.Sewage - Mental Injustice
10.Total Bloody Chaos - NHS Death Squads
11.Los Gattos - Change
12.Osmium Gullotine - Phobophobia
13.Locjaw - Compramize
14.Oido Roma - Rebellion
15.Glass Heros - 90 Days
16.Vomit - Fight For Your Life
17.Hell Came Home - As I Rust
18.Bloodington - Do You Like The Taste Of Your Arse
19.Vagnarock - Nothing Man
20.Spunk Volcano - The Devil Spits You Out
21.The Reserves - Bittersweet Toast
22.Confront Stage - Дети улиц (Kids Of The Streets)
23.Sideline Rookies - It's Not Me... (It's You)
24.Gag Order - I Dont Like You
25.Bat Lords - Summer of Sam
26.Dirt Box Disco - My Dad Is Bigger Than Your Dad
27.The Logs - The Way You Make Me Feel
28.Gresnici - Pokrenise
29.Kenneth Griffin - Pay Attention
30.Bleeding Sky - Turning Me pretty
31.Potential Victims - Television
32.Paperholics - My City
33.Contradiktion - Wake Up
34.Alucard - Rock N' Roll Death Machine
35.Rebel City Radio - I am an Atom
36.The Blood Boys - Skateboard Summer
37.Fucking Unicorns - 2 Lighters
38.Kasketeers - Big Black Hearse To Heaven
39.Zombiehater - Violet
40.Dave Schirmer - Spreadsheet Queen
41.Alien Pig - Revolution Evolver Revolver
42.Arch Demon - Broken
43.The Tickturds - Monkey
44.Goaded - Bound
45.Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 - Dead End Drive In
46.Defecation Area - One Of These Days
47.The Liberi - Damage Control
48.Sergeant Christ - Bash and Crash Song
49.Mark Ayling - Circle of Live
50.Carry Ons - The War Is Over
51.Urban Commandos - Living With An Angel
52.Lobotomatic - Devilcycle Motorbrain
53.Recap The Elapsed - Ring Ring...This Is Your Wakeup Call
54.Slow Faction - Shopping Malls Suburbia
55.Fucktard - Get Outta My face
56.Capital OC - Who Cares
57.The Black Laterns - Pacific Terror
58.The Warstars - Grade School
59.Michael Marrotti - Be Yourself
60.Aboritti 13 - Miyrkytti
61.Guns To Fire - Manners
62.Refuse All - Numbing My Mind
63.The Sins Of Alcarez - Whore's Nest
64.Totale Disprezzo - Figli Del Disprezzo
65.The Fuck Ups - Monarchy
66.Danger Junkies - March Of The Zombies
67.PAIN! - Rot
68.Explosion Theory - Over

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