Sick On The Bus - Set Fire To Someone In Authority (2000)

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Sick On The Bus - Set Fire To Someone In Authority (2000)Исполнитель: Sick On The Bus
Альбом: Set Fire To Someone In Authority (WEB-DL)
Год: 2000
Страна: UK (London, England)
Стиль: UK 82
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98
Длительность: 00:32:56
Издатель: Go-Kart Records
Размер: 76.84 МБ
01. You Lie (02:02)
02. Everywhere (01:54)
03. Artificial (01:44)
04. Just Sex (03:36)
05. Where Did I Go Wrong (02:36)
06. Need Your Love (01:27)
07. New Life (02:10)
08. Wake Up (02:16)
09. Be Like Me (02:19)
10. Rich Bitch (01:46)
11. Be Alone (01:51)
12. Brain Dead (02:06)
13. I Hate You (02:20)
14. Lets Dance (02:13)
15. Law and Order (01:24)
16. Set Fire to Someone in Authority (01:04)


Was originally a self titled CD that came out in March 96 with Paul on drums, but he tragically died of leukemia before the album was mixed. The CD soon sold out and due to a poor mix and mastering the band decided to remix and master and add a few new lead and backing vocals, now the band are very happy with it and are sure Paul would have been proud of it too. All the tracks were recorded in two days apart from ‘Brain Dead’ which is from the recording session in Corby for the single ‘Scary In The Dark’ and ‘I Hate You ‘ from the second unreleased demo. Hopefully it will be coming out on vinyl soon!

Imagine the Damned, GBH and Motorhead all in one. (Go Kart Records)

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Теги: Hardcore Punk, UK 82
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Это первый альбом Self-titled (1996), который из-за убогого mix и mastering, группа решила remix и master и добавить несколько new lead and backing vocals, так он получил новое название.

На этом альбоме есть почти все песни с первых двух релизов группы - двух EP - GET SICK! EP (1991) (кроме You Make Me Sick (есть на Suck On Fuck Heads LP (Mini-Album) (1997)) и SCARY IN THE DARK EP (1995) (кроме Scarey In The Dark (есть на Punk Police LP (1999)), которые были перезаписаны.

В остальном: "Dirty, hard drinking, two fingers in the air Punk Rock!"


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