NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher EP (2013)

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NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher EP (2013)Исполнитель: NOFX
Альбом: Stoke Extinguisher EP
Год: 2013
Страна: USA (San Francisco, California)
Стиль: Punk
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98 (1); 268 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r (2)
Длительность: 00:13:25
Издатель: Fat Wreck Chords
Размер: 32.85 МБ (1); 30.51 МБ (2)
1. Stoke Extinguisher – 2:58
2. The Shortest Pier – 2:13
3. I Believe In Goddess (Demo Version) – 1:33
4. My Stepdad’s a Cop and My Stepmom’s a Domme – 2:11
5. Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots (2012 Version) – 2:11
6. New Year’s Revolution – 2:19

Скачать 1:
Скачать 2:

With the recording of NOFX's acclaimed 2012 release "Self-Entitled," the band upheld their tradition of uber-proficient songwriting and emerged from the studio with more songs than they had room for on the album. At last, as a follow-up to "Self-Entitled," the band compiled the "Stoke Extinguisher" EP to give the songs the attention they deserve. The title track accomplishes exactly the opposite of what the name implies. Sneaking in with some low-fi reverb filled vocals, it quickly changes course unleashing an unbelievably fat guitar riff accompanied by the band's trademark blend of melody and pummeling rhythm. Filled out by a rousing rendition of Tony Sly's "The Shortest Pier," the tongue-in-cheek "My Stepdad's A Cop And My Stepmom's A Domme," and an even edgier demo version of the hardcore masterpiece "I Believe In Goddess," "Stoke Extinguisher" is a compact punch of quintessential NOFX.

Track # 1 - brand new song
Track # 2 - from The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute (2013)
Track # 3 - from Ronnie & Mags (7inch) (2012)
Track # 4 - from My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme (7inch) (2012)
Track # 5 & 6 - from Xmas Has Been X’ed/New Year’s Revolution (7inch) (2013)

- The cover was hand painted by the multi-talented Jason Cruz of Strung Out.

- На Stoke Extinguisher (7inch) только 2 песни:
A-side. Stoke Extinguisher
B-side. Shortest Pier

В CD и Digital версиях песен 6.


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