Tough - Four (2013)

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Tough - Four (2013)Исполнитель: Tough
Альбом: Four
Год: 2013
Страна: Italy (Piacenza - Palermo)
Стиль: Punk Rock/Pop Punk
Битрейт: 274 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:18:50
Издатель: Dumb Records
Размер: 37.65 МБ
1. Coney Island Fortune Teller – 1:12
2. We Gotta Go Tonight – 1:28
3. Pleasant Valley Sunday – 1:54
4. Silly For Sally – 1:46
5. It's Alright Then – 1:13
6. Your Bloody End – 1:13
7. Just Like One – 1:24
8. More Than Ever – 1:18
9. Hey Baby Monster! – 1:25
10. I Get Around (The Beach Boys cover) – 1:24
11. Your Eyes One More Time – 1:52
12. Behind Your Keyboard – 0:44
13. I Don't Want You (Ramones cover) (Dumb Records Japan only) – 2:00


Tough - Four (2013)The band started on January 2007 when Chris and Miccetta former members of Stinking Polecats, one of the most important and appreciated pop-punkrock bands in Europe, decided to team up together, once again. TOUGH’s first album “Fast/Faster” was released on April 2007 by El Topo Records, only on 300 hand-numbered vinyl copies. 10 songs on it, 15 minutes of fast and melodic punk rock.
6 months late...r the second record of the band “Class of ‘76” saw the light, produced by Italian label Badchili Records and US Sliptrick Records. 10 songs again, fast and harmonious punk rock. 13 minutes lenght! El Topo Records once again released a limited edition of 100 picture disc vinyl.
In 2009 Miccetta decides to leave the band for personal reason. His place is taken by Stefan-eno from the Popsters, a well known italian punk-rock band. The band records immediately a new album, "Winners, losers and surrenders". Lots of live shows and songs on compilation during these years for the band.
In early 2012 the band releases a 7" split with the Invalids on Surfin Ki records. The artwork is by the artist Riccardo Bucchioni. More shows all around italy and Europe as well with the Apers and the Queers.
November 2012 - the new album, the fourth, is ready to see the light, record at MOFO Studio in Piacenza. 10 new songs fast as always, punk rock to the bone.
Still the same sound and the same chords, TOUGH like The Ramones.

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