Blowfuse - Into The Spiral (2013)

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Категория: punk

Blowfuse - Into The Spiral (2013)Исполнитель: Blowfuse (Ex-Godfarts)
Альбом: Into The Spiral
Год: 2013
Страна: Spain (Barcelona)
Стиль: Skate Punk
Битрейт: 281 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.99r
Длительность: 00:30:15
Издатель: Pifia Records (PR#10) ((CC) - some rights reserved))
Размер: 70.66 МБ
1. Into – 0:14
2. Break – 2:40
3. Trouble – 2:08
4. Ripping Out – 2:42
5. New Approach – 3:42
6. Man Of Opportunities – 2:43
7. House Of Laughter – 3:27
8. Another Wasted Mind – 2:23
9. Endless Loop – 2:41
10. Where're You Jimmy? – 2:51
11. Mr. Dogshit – 1:37
12. Feed Me – 3:07

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“Nowadays, BLOWFUSE is one of the most known and active punk rock bands of their country, Spain”

Emerged on Barcelona, around 2008, being known as Godfarts, and re-named on 2013 as Blowfuse, they have released two studio albums, both on Fragment Records and EatingShit Records: Messed Up Minds (2010) and their brand new album "Into The Spiral" (2013), recorded, produced & mixed by Darian Rundall (Pennywise, TSOL, Suicidal, etc).

Influenced by 80’s and 90’s punk rock waves and the skateboard lifestyle, Blowfuse crafts a style all its own, mixing the agressiveness of hardcore punk, the catchy melodies of 90’s punk rock, the powerful classic rock riffs, with acid and paranoic lyrics.

They have toured with bands like Pennywise, 7seconds, and played all over Europe, Spain and Portugal.

They 've also played with bands such as The Adolescents, Face to Face, Authority Zero, A Wilhelm Scream, Youth Brigade, The Casualties, The Unseen,and many others, and have played in festivals such as the Resurrection Fest 2013, sharing stage with Bad Religion, Millencolin, Biohazard, between others.

Being as young as they are, they are actually in one of their best moments, working on new gigs, shows, and making what is going to be their second videoclip for 2013. And of course, totally comitted to what they loved at the beginning, and still love, music.


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Отличный альбом, группа сменила название с Godfarts на Blowfuse, вместе с этим пропало и Street Punk влияние, это главное изменение, а так по большому счету альбом это доведенный до ума Godfarts - Restless (2008), от Nardcore (AKA 80's Skate Punk или Skatecore) влияния которое было на альбоме Messed Up Minds (2010), тоже ничего не осталось. Альбом можно соотнести с Pennywise - Unknown Road (1993), но оригинальности альбом не лишен и звучит свежо, за первые сутки 3 раза послушал.


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