Veara - Growing Up Is Killing Me (2013)

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Veara - Growing Up Is Killing Me (2013)Исполнитель: Veara
Альбом: Growing Up Is Killing Me
Год: 2013
Страна: USA (Augusta, Georgia)
Стиль: Pop Punk
Битрейт: 234 kbps VBR, iTunes 11.0
Длительность: 00:42:05
Издатель: Epitaph Records
Размер: 65.54 МБ
1. Next Stop... Everywhere – 2:29
2. The Worst Part Of You – 3:11
3. None Of The Above – 2:56
4. Growing Up Is Killing Me (feat. Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years) – 3:01
5. Between Friends And A Hard Place – 3:49
6. Don't Call Me Lucky (feat. Shane Told of Silverstein) – 3:45
7. Lens Of Truth – 3:04
8. Paralysis By Analysis – 3:18
9. Separate Ways – 3:08
10. Fake Blood (feat. Andrew DeNeef of Close To Home) – 3:10
11. No More Secrets – 2:45
12. The World Won't Wait – 3:43


For the unfamiliar, Veara guitarist/vocalist Patrick Bambrick, bassist/vocalist Bryan Kerr and drummer Brittany Harrell have been playing together for over a decade. However it wasn't until lead vocalist/guitarist Bradley Wyrosdick joined the band in 2008 that Veara as we know came into existence. In 2010 the band toured with A Day To Remember; and their debut What We Left Behind garnered the band accolades from Alternative Press, Outburn, Blurt Magazine, and more.

Inspired by bands like No Doubt and Foo Fighters who have found their own sound without being pigeonholed into one genre, Veara brings Growing Up Is Killing Me - the latest from the powerful, Peach State band. It was recorded with Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Paramore) at House of Loud studio in New Jersey over a two-month period.

But beneath the music layered with power chords and insanely infectious lyrics, the band has an urgent message about life, friendship and betrayal.

Patrick Bambrick states:

"When we say 'Growing Up Is Killing Me' it relates to the fact that you don't have the same outlook on Christmas morning when you're 28 as you did when you were eight years old. We're not judging those feelings but sometimes it hurts to see those types of experiences change and watch time go by so quickly as you get older."

Veara is eager to share their music as a form of therapy and a celebration of life. Growing Up Is Killing Me is about life’s growing pains and universal struggles. They hope that when fans listen to the album, they know that they are not alone in the process of growing up.

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Ни припомню ничего толкового с Epitaph Records последние лет 5, этот альбом тоже не исключение, ну или просто такую музыку не слушаю, поэтому по большому счету безразлично.


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