VA - HC4Syria Vol. 1 (2012)

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Категория: punk, hardcore, v.a.

VA - HC4Syria Vol. 1 (2012)Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: HC4Syria Vol. 1
Год: 2012
Страна: USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Nederlands, Australia, Syria, Trinidad And Tobago,
Стиль: Punk/Hardcore
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR
Длительность: 01:22:38
Издатель: Hardcore 4 Syria
Размер: 73.92 МБ
01. OFF! – Borrow and Bomb
02. The Kominas – Tahrir Square Dance
03. Anti-Flag – The Ranks of the Masses Rising
04. ZSK – We Will Stop You
05. Atlas Losing Grip – Different Hearts, Different Minds
06. Agent Attitude – Can’t Have Me
07. Raised Fist – Never Negotiate
08. Unhold – Big Slice
09. Onesta – Wounded Tiger Bites Harder
10. Animal Instinct – Guilty
11. This is History – Skindeep
12. Word Up! – Wild World
13. Waterdown – Saving Private Honesty
14. Crank – Not What You Think
15. The Go Set – The New Age
16. Parties Break Hearts – City Lights
17. Ticking Bombs – Stand Your Ground
18. The Strapones – Bastards Way
19. 59 Times The Pain – Together We’re Stronger
20. Topnovil – Time 2 Fight
21. Kvoteringen – Vi Har Fått Nog
22. Zinc – Bullets and Tear Gas
23. Entwaffnung – Bitte Was?!
24. Anti-Everything – Gravity on Hold
25. Play to Destroy – Think Global, Act Local
26. Bearfoot – The Child Bears A Curse
27. Unveil – Suicidal Pathway
28. Swarm – Born To Ruin
29. Desperat – Demokrati?
30. Al Thawra – Psalm of the Sniper

Скачать/Послушать/Информация о участвующих группах:

30 Punk & Hardcore bands from across the globe have united on Hardcore4Syria’s free online music compilation with one specific purpose: To help raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Syria and to share their powerful and motivational music and lyrics with the innocent victims there - and with you! Dive in and get inspired by these bands, their songs, their music and their message!

Hardcore4Syria is a non-political online media awareness project established to support the victims of the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

We are a group of Punk & Hardcore enthusiasts with a few friends in Syria. Appalled and horrified by the unacceptable news that had been coming out of Syria, we started this project in early 2012.

While publishing two infographics that visualise the situation in Syria, we’ve been working on a free downloadable music compilation. Its aim is to attract donations and to share the powerful, heartfelt and motivational music and lyrics from Punk and Hardcore bands with the people of Syria. We hope they will find some inspiration and strength out of it, to help them unite and combat the daily harassment and killings.

We’ve also established a partnership with the credible Syria-specific charity, Karam Foundation. All donations and proceeds will be managed by them and go towards humanitarian aid projects in Syria.

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