End Of Green - The Painstream (Limited Edition) (2013)

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Категория: sludge & metal, Post-Rock & Post-Metal

End Of Green - The Painstream (Limited Edition) (2013)Исполнитель: End Of Green
Альбом: The Painstream (Limited Edition)
Год: 2013
Страна: Germany (Stuttgart/Göppingen)
Стиль: Gothic Metal/Alternative/Post-Rock
Битрейт: 264 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 01:04:34
Издатель: Napalm Records
Размер: 122.59 МБ
1. Hangman's Joke – 4:18
2. Holidays In Hell – 4:00
3. Standalone – 3:15
4. Final Resistance – 4:59
5. De(ad)generation – 3:52
6. Home on Fire – 5:21
7. Death of the Weakender – 4:59
8. Don't Stop Killing Me – 4:31
9. Chasing Ghosts – 3:45
10. Miss Misery – 4:16
11. The Painstreet – 5:36
12. Blackened eyes (Bonus Track) – 5:11
13. Demons (Bonus Track) – 5:12
14. Hurter (Bonus Track) – 5:19


New songs and a clear commitment to the only valid currency of Rock'n'Roll: songs. "The Painstream" is the eighth album of the Stuttgart melancholics END OF GREEN and it’s a true statement of intent. Nowadays, almost anything can be gone within two weeks, but END OF GREEN focuses on the last two constants in life: pain and passion. Both can be found on "The Painstream" in various shades! Somewhere between Metal, Alternative, Goth, and Pop, END OF GREEN paint a picture that is not only black but also offers a small flicker of light that makes the darkness a little more bearable. However, sometimes they turn this spark into a wildfire and burn everything to ashes.

The quintet from Southern Germany does not wallow in drama, but makes it tangible. And very loud! Michelle Darkness, Kerker, Rainier Sicone Di Hampez, Lusiffer and Sad Sir show how it’s done on "The Painstream". It’s their way to freedom and to unpredictability. They will never be closer to Goth and Blues than in "Death of the Weakender". "Holidays in Hell"? END OF GREEN are the perfect travel agent. Probably the most courageous song is "Degeneration". It has more mainstream appeal AND depth at the same time like END OF GREEN has never done before! A song to sing along to if you don’t choke on the words. Also "The Painstreet" shows END OF GREEN in a different light: Post Rock with 70s flair, fragile arrangements and bittersweet vibes that won’t let go once they’ve got you by your throat. Cynical metal songs like "Hangman‘s Joke" or the haunting "Chasing Ghosts" turn "The Painstream" into the most spectacular album in the history of a band that doesn’t want to decide between loud, soft, heavy, gentle, sweet or cruel, because there is simply no reason why they should.

"The Painstream" was recorded with Corni Bartels (HACKNEYED, KILLERPILZE) at the Weltraumstudios in Munich. The chart entries of “The Painstream’s” predecessors "Dead End Dreaming" (99), "The Sick’s Sense" (21) and "High Hopes in Low Places" (17) speak a clear language, but without the viewpoint and the songs, it’s not worth the paper the chart entries are written on.

END OF GREEN might be underdogs, underestimated and probably a bit grumpy, but they aren’t afraid to stand up for their views and values. And that is the true definition of Rock'n'Roll. In closing we have to speak words that have never been more important than in these times: music that does not touch you is a pure waste of time!



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Раньше не встречал данной группы, альбом хорош и разнообразен. Если коротко то стиль группы описывают как смесь Type O Negative и Nirvana.

Клип на De(ad)generation отличный.


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