The Setup - This Thing Of Ours (2013)

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Категория: hardcore

The Setup - This Thing Of Ours (2013)Исполнитель: The Setup
Альбом: This Thing Of Ours
Год: 2013
Страна: Belgium (Antwerp)
Стиль: Hardcore
Битрейт: 256 kbps, MPEG-4 AAC LC (1); 286 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4 (2)
Длительность: 00:27:11
Издатель: BDHW Recordings
Размер: 52.77 МБ (1); 59.30 МБ (2)
1. Black Hearts – 2:00
2. Walking Blind – 3:07
3. Trapped Under the Weight – 2:45
4. Burn – 2:01
5. Young & Angry – 3:23
6. Golden Moments – 2:27
7. To Die For – 2:28
8. Dead Weight – 1:56
9. Hit Me Hard – 1:58
10. This Thing of Ours – 1:47
11. Slipping – 3:19

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2013 marks the Setup’s 10 year anniversary of destroying stages with their trademark sound. To celebrate this they’ve been making time to work on a new release. The result is a brand new album called ‘This Thing Of Ours’. It represents their past, present and future, as it still has the TSU groove and songwriting, but with a fresh dose of speed and melody. It is a statement of their love for what they do, and what they live for.

‘This Thing Of Ours’ isn’t just a hollow title for the Setup, they decided to take on the production of this project themselves and tracked the album in their own studio. Co-producing this album was Andries Beckers (ex-TSU, ex Born From Pain, Diablo Blvd.). With his visionary musical skills he lifted the songs to the next level. Mixing and Mastering was done by Igor Wouters (Backfire, Born From Pain,
Gold). He made sure ‘This Thing Of Ours’ has the devastating sound people are used to hearing from The Setup.

The release of This Thing Of Ours will be released through BDHW Records (Nasty, Fallbrawl, Coldburn) and is scheduled to be released in May 2013.


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Отличный альбом, Hardcore c Punk и Metal влиянием.


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видео мне, как человеку близкому к скейтбордингу, очень симпотизирует!
материал в целом очень хороший, спасибо
A.I. нравится это.

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