Straightline - Final Redemption (2013)

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Категория: punk

Straightline - Final Redemption (2013)Исполнитель: Straightline
Альбом: Final Redemption
Год: 2013
Страна: Germany (Munich)
Стиль: Skate Punk
Битрейт: 280 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:41:48
Издатель: Morning Wood Records/Sub-zine Records/Munich-Punk-Shop/Bird Attack Records
Размер: 84.56 МБ
01. Curtain Fall (04:12)
02. Wash It Away (03:02)
03. Burning Heart (02:15)
04. How Can You Sleep At Night? (03:02)
05. Comatose (04:15)
06. Won't Back Down (03:37)
07. Common Way (03:21)
08. Blind Leading The Blind (02:34)
09. Artificial Age (04:10)
10. One Nation (03:21)
11. Home (04:06)
12. Wake Up Call (03:48)

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STRAIGHTLINE - The masterpiece! Heavy melodic Skatepunk from Munich.

"I received the new album by STRAIGHTLINE - and the package also included their last 7“, reviewed by us a bit over a year ago. Comparing those two releases, one gets to know two completely different sides of the band. But hey, what’s wrong with exploring different musical regions? While on the ‚Sourcrowd‘ EP everything was shreddered to bits and pieces in the good Old School Hardcore way, the new album is focused on the well-known Straightline sound, a lot more melodic.
But with ‚Final Redemption‘ STRAIGHTLINE do not offer typical Melodycore – their sound reaches out in many directions. At good speed and delivered with a mighty push forward, hardcore as well as metal bits with solo parts somewhat in the higher range are integrated. The lyrics of the Munich trio range from inquiring, angry to taking a firm stand and looking for a way out of different despairs. The cover artwork is meaningful, but also leaves room for own interpretations. For me it shows variety in the form of a multicoloured bird of paradise battling dull monotony.
This personal interpretation also fits the whole 12-song release, in which musical variety is the winner and stands out clearly against this often somewhat ‚common‘ type of sea-sun-fun Melodycore. ‚Final Redemption‘ is melodic, fast, serious and genre crossing, and I honestly cannot think of any Fat Wreck band, which Straightline would not at least be on a par with. I am setting the bar really high? I know! But that’s the way it is! "
Steff, 07.08.2013.

Bart - Guitar & Vocals --> No God Innocent, Zefix, It comes Back, Mongrel
Emil - Bass & Backvoc. --> Angry Youth, Step By Step
Mosi - Drums & Backvoc. --> Sonic Abuse, Peter Pan Syndrom, Zefix


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Теги: Skate Punk
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