Aiden - Disguises (2011)

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Категория: punk

Aiden - Disguises (2011)Исполнитель: Aiden
Альбом: Disguises
Год: 2011 (March 29)
Страна: USA (Seattle, Washington)
Стиль: Gothic Punk/Alternative/Post-Hardcore
Битрейт: 219 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97
Длительность: 00:30:38
Издатель: Victory Records
Размер: 48.29 МБ
1. The Devils Eyes – 1:05
2. Horror Queen – 3:33
3. Malevolent Conversion – 2:30
4. A Portrait Of The Artist – 3:11
5. Shine – 3:31
6. The Essence – 0:23
7. Hysteria – 4:11
8. Perfect Muse – 2:18
9. ReEvolver – 3:12
10. Walk Among The Dead – 3:37
11. Radio (Alkaline Trio cover) – 3:07

НОВАЯ 04.11.2013
НОВАЯ 15.10.2013

AIDEN have returned to amass their loyal cult in anticipation of Disguises, their next high-energy, punk rock, work of genius. Seattle’s finest pick up where the critically-praised and fan favorite album, Knives, left off and expand on their distinct breed of gritty and defiant rock ‘n roll. Disguises brings the dark, controversial, haunting, and sinister vibes that only AIDEN can showcase. The racing new anthems on Disguises are loaded with commanding gang chants and huge sing-a-long choruses guaranteed to pack rooms across the world. As AIDEN continue to recruit members to their ever-building army, Disguises will prove to be the next chapter in their unrefined and inspiring career.


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